Council Policy Manual

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Election of Mayor and Mayor Pro Tem A-1 [PDF]
Board, Commission, and Committee Appointments A-2 [PDF]
Requests for Research or Information A-3 [PDF]
Community Service Recognition Awards A-4 [PDF]
Fund Raising/Contracts by City Boards, Commissions
or Committees
A-5 [PDF]
Open Meeting Policies A-6 [PDF]
Boards, Commissions and Committees - Expressions
of Official City Position or Policy
A-7 [PDF]
Use of City Stationery A-8 [PDF]
City Council Committees A-9 [PDF]
Procedural Rules for the Conduct of City Council Meetings A-10 [PDF]
Recording of Open Meetings A-11 [PDF]
Discretionary Grants A-12 [PDF]
Decorum and Order for City Commissions, Committees
and Boards
A-13 [PDF]
Restrictions on Communications Initiated by City Officials
or City Staff with Civil Service Board Members
A-14 [PDF]
Ex Parte Communication Policy A-15 [PDF]
Conflict of Interest Procedures A-16 [PDF]
Newport Beach City Council Airport Policy A-17 [PDF]
Guidelines for Implementing Charter Section 423 (Measure S Guidelines) A-18 [PDF]
Guidelines for Invocations

A-19 [PDF]

City Council Members Expressions of Official City Position or Policy A-20 [PDF]
Park Fee Policy B-1 [PDF]
Recreation Fees and Related Equipment Replacement Reserves B-2 [PDF]
Co-Sponsored Events B-3 [PDF]
Commercial Uses in Public Parks B-4 [PDF]
Vincent Jorgensen Community Room in Library B-5 [PDF]
Newport Theatre Arts Center B-6 [PDF]
Special Event Permit Request Processing B-7 [PDF]
Bike, Foot Race and Surf Contest Event Policy B-8 [PDF]
Naming of City Parks & Facilities B-9 [PDF]
Use, Priorities and Fees for Marian Bergeson Aquatic Center B-10 [PDF]
The City Employees' Memorial at Bob Henry Park B-11 [PDF]
Co-Sponsorship of Annual Fireworks Events B-12 [PDF]
Public Use of City Facilities B-13 [PDF]
Temporary Signs with Sponsorship Recognition in City Parks
and Beaches
B-14 [PDF]
Parks, Beaches and Recreation Commission Decisions B-15 [PDF]
Maximizing Public Access to City Parks B-16 [PDF]
Parks, Facilities and Recreation Program Donations B-17 [PDF]
Media Relations D-1 [PDF]
Annexation Guidelines D-2 [PDF]
Council Policy Review D-3 [PDF]
Innovation / Improvement Incentive Program D-4 [PDF]
City Websites     D-5 [PDF]
Social Media D-6 [PDF]
Electronic Communications D-7 [PDF]
Voice-Mail General Policy D-8 [PDF]
Economic Development Policy D-9 [PDF]
Public Records Act Policy E-1 [PDF]
Council Meetings Agenda Distribution to the Public by Mail E-2 [PDF]
Statement of Investment Policy F-1 [PDF]
Reserve Policy F-2 [PDF]
Budget Adoption and Administration F-3 [PDF]
Revenue Measures F-4 [PDF]
General Fund Surplus Utilization F-5 [PDF]
Debt Management Policy F-6 [PDF]
Income Property F-7 [PDF]
City Travel Policy Statement F-8 [PDF]
City Vehicle/Equipment Replacement Guidelines F-9 [PDF]
Civil Asset Forfeiture and Seizure Policy F-10 [PDF]
Custody and Disposal of Controlled Property F-11 [PDF]
(Reserved for Future Use) F-12
Distribution of Public Information in Municipal Services
Statements and Business License Renewals
F-13 [PDF]
Authority to Contract F-14 [PDF]
External Financial Reporting, Disclosure & Annual Audits F-15 [PDF]
(Reserved for Future Use) F-16
(Reserved for Future Use) F-17 
(Reserved for Future Use) F-18
(Reserved for Future Use) F-19
(Reserved for Future Use) F-20
(Reserved for Future Use) F-21 
(Reserved for Future Use) F-22
(Reserved for Future Use) F-23 
(Reserved for Future Use) F-24
Grant Administration F-25 [PDF]
(Reserved for Future Use) F-26
Policy and Procedures for Distribution of Tickets and Passes F-27 [PDF]
Facilities Financial Planning Program F-28 [PDF]
Retention or Removal of City Trees G-1 [PDF]
Adopt-A-Beach Program G-2 [PDF]
Preservation of Views G-3 [PDF]
Median Landscaping Developments on Public Cul-De-Sacs G-4 [PDF]
(Reserved for Future Use) G-5
Maintenance and Planting of Parkway Trees G-6 [PDF]
Solid Waste Management and Resource Recovery G-7 [PDF]
Beach Maintenance Policy G-8 [PDF]
Harbor Permit Policy H-1 [PDF]
Bay Water Pollution Control H-2 [PDF]
Newport Beach Sensitive Marine Areas H-3 [PDF]
Dory Fishermens' Fleet H-4 [PDF]
Administration of the Robinson-Skinner Annuity for Newport
Bay Dredging
H-5 [PDF]
  (Reserved for Future Use) H-6
Library Service Policy I-1 [PDF]
Use of the Newport Beach Public Library I-2 [PDF]
Newport Beach Public Library Collection Development Policy I-3 [PDF]
Library Gift and Donor Policy I-4 [PDF]
Newport Beach Public Library Gift Policy I-5 [PDF]
Children in the Library I-6 [PDF]
Library Meeting Rooms I-7 [PDF]
Newport Beach Public Library Internet Use Policy I-8 [PDF]
Art in Public Places I-9 [PDF]
Financial Support for Culture and Arts I-10 [PDF]
Donation of Art to City of Newport Beach I-11 [PDF]

Sister City Association Policy

I-12 [PDF]
Public Arts and Cultural Facilities Fund I-13 [PDF]
General Plan K-1 [PDF]
Places of Historical and Architectural Significance K-2 [PDF]
Implementation Procedures for the California Environmental
Quality Act
K-3 [PDF]
Paleontological Guidelines K-4 [PDF]
Archaeological Guidelines K-5 [PDF]
Changes to the Santa Ana Heights Specific Plan or to Aspects
of the General Plan that Relate to the Santa Ana Heights Specific
K-6 [PDF]
Determination of Convenience and Necessity for Alcoholic
Beverage Outlets
K-7 [PDF]
Seashore Oceanfront Comprehensive Plan K-8 [PDF]
Code Enforcement K-9 [PDF]
(Reserved for Future Use) K-10 
Temporary Signage for City-Sponsored, Co-Sponsored or
for Non-Profit and Charitable Organizations & Events
K-11 [PDF]
Sidewalks, Curbs, Gutters and City Owned Utilities L-1 [PDF]
Driveway Approaches L-2 [PDF]
City Landscaping Restoration in Conjunction with Public
Works Construction Projects
L-3 [PDF]
Private Streets L-4 [PDF]
Street and Sidewalk Improvements L-5 [PDF]
Private Encroachments in Public Rights-of-Way L-6 [PDF]
Encroachments and Bay Access on Buena Vista Blvd.-
Edgewater Ave. Between Bay Ave. and Fernando St.
L-7 [PDF]
Private Encroachments in Public Rights-of-Way Ending at the
Ocean Front or at Newport Bay
L-8 [PDF]
Conversion of Public Streets to Private Streets L-9 [PDF]
Sound Attenuation Walls L-10 [PDF]
Liquidated Damages Policy L-11 [PDF]
Oceanfront Encroachment Policy L-12 [PDF]
McFadden Plaza and Pier Use Policy L-13 [PDF]
City Entrance and Village Signs L-14 [PDF]
Encroachments on Public Sidewalks L-15 [PDF]
Temporary Banners Extending Over the Public Right-of-Way L-16 [PDF]
Water Service Outside of the City L-17 [PDF]
Protection of Water Quality: Drainage - Public Rights-of-Way L-18 [PDF]
Leased Street Lights L-19 [PDF]
Water Rates L-20 [PDF]
Sidewalk Cafe Standards and Procedures L-21 [PDF]
Protection of Water Quality: Water Quality Management
Plans for New Development and Redevelopment
L-22 [PDF]
The Siting of Wireless Telecommunications Equipment on City-
Owned Land
L-23 [PDF]
Flags on Public Bridges L-24 [PDF]
Decorative Concrete Pavers in Alleys L-25 [PDF]
Neighborhood Traffic Management Policy L-26 [PDF]
Flags Placed Within or Extending Over the Public Right-of-way Within Business Improvement Districts L-27 [PDF]
Assessment District Balloting Guidelines L-28 [PDF]


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