General Plan


Adopted on July 25, 2006
Approved on November 7, 2006 



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General Plan

Acknowledgements/Table of Contents/Figures/Tables/Acronyms Development

Chapter 1 - Introduction [PDF]

Figure I1 - Southern California Regional Map [PDF]
Figure I2 - Sphere of Influence (SOI) [PDF]

Chapter 2 - Vision Statement [PDF]

Chapter 3 - Land Use Element [PDF]

Figure LU1 - General Plan Land Use Overview Map [PDF]
Figure LU2 - Index Map [PDF]
Figure LU3 - Statistical Area Map [PDF]
Figure LU4 - Statistical Areas D3, D4, E1-E3 [PDF]
Figure LU5 - Statistical Areas C1, C2, D1, D2 [PDF]
Figure LU6 - Statistical Areas B3, B4, B5 [PDF]
Figure LU7 - Statistical Areas B1, B2 [PDF]
Figure LU8 - Statistical Areas A1-A3 [PDF]
Figure LU9 - Statistical Areas H1-H4 [PDF]
Figure LU10 - Statistical Areas G1, J1-J5, K1, K2 [PDF]
Figure LU11 - Statistical Areas J6, L4 [PDF]
Figure LU12 - Statistical Areas K3, L3, M6 [PDF]
Figure LU13 - Statistical Areas F1, L1, L2, M1-M5 [PDF]
Figure LU14 - Statistical Areas F2-F8 [PDF]
Figure LU15 - Statistical Area N [PDF]
Figure LU16 - Planning Sub-Areas [PDF]
Figure LU17 - Banning Ranch Development Constraints [PDF]
Figure LU18 - West Newport Mesa [PDF]
Figure LU19 - Balboa Peninsula Lido Village/Cannery Village/ McFadden Square [PDF]
Figure LU20 - Balboa Village [PDF]
Figure LU21 - Newport Center/Fashion Island [PDF]
Figure LU22 - Airport Area [PDF]
Figure LU23 - Airport Area Residential Villages Illustrative Concept Diagram [PDF]
Figure LU24 - West Newport [PDF]
Figure LU25 - Old Newport Boulevard [PDF]
Figure LU26 - Mariner's Mile [PDF]
Figure LU27 - Corona del Mar [PDF]

Chapter 4 - Harbor and Bay Element [PDF]

Chapter 5 - Housing Element [PDF]

Chapter 6 - Historical Resources Element [PDF]

Figure HR1 - Historical Resources [PDF]

Chapter 7 - Circulation Element [PDF]

Figure CE1 - Master Plan of Streets and Highways [PDF]
Figure CE2 - General Plan Roadway Cross-Sections [PDF]
Figure CE3 - Recommended Intersection Improvements [PDF]
Figure CE4 - Bikeways Master Plan [PDF]
Figure CE5 - Equestrian and Hiking Trails Master Plan [PDF]

Chapter 8 - Recreation Element [PDF]

Figure R1 - Existing Recreational Facilities [PDF]
Figure R2 - Proposed Park and Recreational Facilities [PDF]
Figure R3 - Service Area 1 [PDF]
Figure R4 - Service Area 2 [PDF]
Figure R5 - Service Area 3 [PDF]
Figure R6 - Service Area 4 [PDF]
Figure R7 - Service Area 5 [PDF]
Figure R8 - Service Area 6 [PDF]
Figure R9 - Service Area 7 [PDF]
Figure R10 - Service Area 8 [PDF]
Figure R11 - Service Area 9 [PDF]
Figure R12 - Service Area 10 [PDF]
Figure R13 - Service Area 11 [PDF]

Chapter 9 - Arts and Cultural Element [PDF]

Chapter 10 - Natural Resources Element [PDF]

Figure NR1 - Biological Resources [PDF]
Figure NR2 - Environmental Study Areas [PDF]
Figure NR3 - Coastal Views [PDF]

Chapter 11 - Safety Element [PDF]

Figure S1 - Coastal Hazards [PDF]
Figure S2 - Seismic Hazards [PDF]
Figure S3 - Flood Hazards [PDF]
Figure S4 - Wildfire Hazards [PDF]
Figure S5 - Airport Zones [PDF]

Chapter 12 - Noise Element [PDF]

Figure N1 - Existing Noise Contours (1) [PDF]
Figure N2 - Existing Noise Contours (2) [PDF]
Figure N3 - Existing Noise Contours (3) [PDF]
Figure N4 - Future Noise Contours (1) [PDF]
Figure N5 - Future Noise Contours (2) [PDF]
Figure N6 - Future Noise Contours (3) [PDF]

Chapter 13 - Implementation Program [PDF]

Chapter 14 - Glossary [PDF]

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