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The Planning Commission has the following duties as established by the City Charter: 

A. After a public hearing thereon, recommended to the City Council the adoption, amendment or repeal of a Master Plan, or any part thereof, for the physical development of the City;
B. Exercise such control over land subdivisions as is granted to it by ordinance not inconsistent with the provisions of the Charter;
C. Make recommendations to the City Council concerning proposed public works and for the clearance and rebuilding of blighted or substandard areas within the City; and
D. Exercise such functions with respect to zoning and land use as may be prescribed by ordinance not inconsistent with the provisions the Charter. 

Committee Authorization
City Charter, Article VII, Sections 706/707

Committee Members

Length of Term for Members
The seven members of the commission serve for a term of four years

Frequency of Meetings
Twice per month on the Thursday preceding City Council meetings unless otherwise noticed.

Staff Liaisons
Brenda Wisneski, Deputy Community Development Director

Staff Support
Staff allocates approximately 25 hours per month to this commission.

Progress Report
The Planning Commission met to discuss, review, or approve the following items:
• Approval of the Newport Harbor Yacht Club
• Annual General Plan progress review
• Recommendation of approval of the Land Use Element Amendment
• Approval of Echo Beach development of 24 dwelling units
• Recommended approval of the Lido House Hotel and related land use amendments
• Approval of extended hours for alcohol service at Port Theater and the ability to serve alcohol throughout the theater during movie screenings with no age restrictions.
Projected Tasks:

• Balboa Village Parking Program Code Amendment/Implementation
• Various Use Permits for Alcohol Service (Lido Theatre, Sancho’s Tacos)

 Rules of Procedures of the Planning Commission

      If you have any suggestions, ideas, complaints, etc., please email the Planning Division