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Marine Operations Division


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Our Ocean Lifeguards protect up to 10 million beach visitors on Newport Beach’s 6.2 miles of ocean 2.5 miles of bay beaches with preventative actions and medical assistance. Every day of the year, lifeguards ensure the safety and provide customer service to the visitors on the beach, boardwalk, piers, and in the ocean. The Marine Operations Division provides the City of Newport Beach with the highest level of lifeguarding services and is recognized as an Advanced Agency by the United States Lifesaving Association.



Lifeguard Safety InformationRip Current Warning
Have a fun, safe day at the Beach by following these tips:

• Swim near a lifeguard.
• Learn to swim.
• Never swim alone.
• Don't fight the current.
• Never swim while intoxicated.
• Leash your surfboard or bodyboard.
• Don't float where you can’t swim.
• Always wear lifejackets when boating.
• Protect your neck from spinal injuries.

STOP, Watch, and Walk into the water.
DON'T dive headfirst into any unknown water.
DON'T dive toward the bottom into oncoming waves.
DON'T stand with your back to the waves.
DON'T jump or dive from a cliff, pier, jetty or bridge.
Avoid bodysurfing, bodyboarding or surfing straight "over the falls." Ride the shoulder.
In a "wipeout," land as flat as possible with your hands out in front of you.
While bodysurfing, keep an arm out in front of you to protect your head and neck.
When in doubt, DON'T DIVE, play it safe!

• Always wear sunscreen when outdoors.
• Be careful around the BBQ or fire pits.

Special Usage Areas

The area between Tower 40 and Tower 44 is a designated Blackball area between May 1 and October 31, annually. No surfing, and no skimming during these months.

Floatation devices are prohibited at The Wedge from 10:00am to 5:00pm from May 1 to October 31. (body surfing only, no bodyboards, surfboards, or skimboards)

Newport Beach Rules and Regulations

- No smoking on beaches, piers,  or beachfront sidewalks

-No glass on beaches, piers,  or beachfront sidewalks

-No alcoholic beverages on beaches, piers,  or beachfront sidwalks

-No dogs between 10:00am and 4:30pm (year round)

    -dogs must be on a leash and owner must have a device for cleaning up messes

-No digging holes in the sand deeper than waist-deep

Beach Safety Brochure
Beach Safety Coloring Book

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