Civil Service Board


Agenda PacketPurpose:
The Civil Service Board provides advice to the Council on personnel matters, recommends changes to the Civil Service System Rules and Regulations, conducts appeal hearings of City employees for disciplinary issues and launches personnel administration investigations for City employees covered by one of the Safety Bargaining Units (FFA, FMA, LMA, NBPA and PMA) and reports its findings to City Council and Manager.

Committee Authorization:
City Charter, Article VII, Sections 710 & 711

Committee Members: 
Debra Allen (Chair), Maiqual Talbot (Vice Chair), James “Mickey” Dunlap, Jeff Herdman and Roberta Fesler

Length of Term for Members:
The five members of the board serve for a term of four years on a staggered basis.

Frequency of Meetings:
The first Monday each month, unless otherwise noticed.

Staff Liaison:
Barbara J. Salvini, Human Resources Director
Marissa Sur, Administrative Specialist to the Deputy City Manager

Staff Support:
Staff allocates approximately 20-25 hours a month to this board; additional hours are needed when appeal hearings are in progress.

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