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Watercolors by Chip Fesko: November 6, 2017 - January 5, 2018

 Fesko, Chip - The Power Of Gold 

Newport Beach City Arts Commission presents Abstract Pixel Geometric Patterns in Watercolors, by artist Chip Fesko. His current style of watercolor paintings contain 10,000 quarter-inch squares per painting, all bursting with pixel-like squares of color. The list of geometric abstract artists is long and fascinating with well noted artists such as Frank Stella, Ran Davis, Mino Argento, Pat Lipsky, Nadir Afonso and Betty Hawley Kelso just to name a few.

When his paintings are arranged in a variety of combinations, it is easy for the viewer to imagine Tibetan Prayer Flags flying in the wind representing the Five Elements:  Blue for Sky – White for Air – Red for Fire – Green for Water and Yellow which symbolizes Earth. Each Painting takes weeks and sometime months to finish, and after five years his series contains a mere 12 paintings that will soon be on exhibit at the Central Library gallery space. Inspiration for Fesko's artwork comes from many different directions such as his recent painting The Power of Gold inspired by the accomplishments of Olympic Athletes from the Summer Olympics. Chip Fesko was a recent winner at the 53rd Annual Newport Beach Art Exhibition. His piece, Fire, took 2nd place in the Watercolor category. The exhibition will be on display during library operating hours, November 6 through January 5, 2018.

Shown above: The Power of Gold by Chip Fesko


Mixed Media Collages by Phyllis Paxton: January 8 - March 2, 2018

Phyllis Paxton-Septembre 14  Phyllis Paxton-Smitet

Newport Beach City Arts Commission presents an exhibition by mixed media artist Phyllis Paxton. As her art education and interests in graphic design advanced, Paxton became fascinated with the artistic dimensions of commercial posters. Not intended for art shows, their designers were not restricted by academic boundaries and could explore color and contrast shaped to seduce the attention of viewers. Her interests deepened while living in Paris where she found posters scattered around the city that advertised nightclubs, liquors, perfume, theater, movies, sports, politics and medicines. They flourished even alongside official signs announcing that they were prohibited. They seemed almost to breed in layers that made Paxton feel like an archeologist as she peeled them off.

Traveling through Europe added more variations, some even glued on or near stern official notices. Paxton peeled off the appealing, stuffed them her my suitcase and brought them to her studio where She embodied them in collages, adding emphasis with fragments of slogans or brand names in varied typographies. Paxton’s intent was to bring to the viewer a sense of the emotions that she felt she shared with those who had seen them in those same streets where the posters had witnessed us as we passed by. Paxton’s love of Paris and other great cities of Europe combined with her graphic arts experiences lead to her own painting style. The layers of each painting are like the complex layers of these cosmopolitan cities. As a layer is peeled away, it reveals another facet of these urban landscapes.

The exhibition will be on display during library operating hours, January 8 through March 2, 2018.

Shown above: “Septembre 14” and “Smitet” by Phyllis Paxton

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  • Diana Blaisure (photography): July 9 - September 7
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  • Diana Ghoukassian (photography): November 5 - January 4 
  • Gianne de Genevraye (oil paintings): January 7 - March 4

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