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The Tree Division is responsible for the maintenance and care of 38,000 trees located within the public right-of-way and on public property. This includes tree trimming, planting, root pruning, tree removal, tree inspections, and specialized tree activities. It also enforces the City’s Tree Policies and Municipal Codes. The sections that pertain to parkway trees are: Planting, Jurisdiction & Authority, the Official Tree List, Removal or Relocation of Plants, and Parkway Trees Required. Other Tree Policies that may affect your property are: Retention or Removal of City Trees, Preservation of Views, Parks, Facilities, and Recreation Program Donations, and Maintenance & Planting of Parkway Trees. The division also responds to fallen limbs and hazardous tree situations, which occur frequently during storms. Tree trimming is done by City contractors that are easily identifiable.

The City of Newport Beach has been awarded for the 20th consecutive year, the prestigious “Tree City USA” award, and the 16th consecutive year for the “Growth” award. The National Arbor Day Foundation presents these awards to communities throughout the nation that display a commitment to a comprehensive urban forestry program.

  • Street Tree Planting Detail
  • Tree Removal Information
  • Tree Trimming Schedule
  • Protection of Nesting Birds during Construction and Tree Trimming
  • Parkway Tree Designation List


     City Arborist, Kevin Pekar (949) 644-3197


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