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Temporary Street Use Permit
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The traffic division is responsible for the traffic signal operations, traffic marking and signage throughout the city.  On a regular basis, the City receives questions about traffic signal operations.  For a list of frequently asked questions and the answers, visit our traffic signal and concerns web page.

Traffic Engineering Services includes:

  • OcLink to Traffic Management Center Videoeanfront Boardwalk Safety - encouraging safety on multi-use trail
  • Temporary use of City streets- moving trucks, dumpsters, and cranes in the public right-of-way
  • Traffic Counts -  OCTA.net annual maps
  • Traffic engineering and planning - traffic stripping, signs and signal coordination
  • Traffic signal system maintenance - report a traffic signal problem



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Transportation Services
Brad Sommers Senior Civil Engineer 949-644-3326 bsommers@newportbeachca.gov
Eric Loke       Associate Civil Engineer         949-644-3336 eloke@newportbeachca.gov
Bryan Loo Associate Civil Engineer 949-644-3324


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