Newport Coast Advisory Committee


Advise the City in the implementation of the Newport Coast Annexation Agreement and any other issue relating to Newport Coast, Newport Ridge, or Crystal Cove (Click here to see the committee information sheet).

Committee Authorization
Established by Resolution 2001-81

Committee Members
Three members appointed by the City, four appointed by the Newport Coast Committee of 2000  (NCC2K). Current membership includes Council Member Curry, Council Member Peotter, Jim McGee (Chair), Gerry Ross (Vice Chair), Daniel Wampole and one vacancy.

Length of Term for Members
The seven members of the committee serve for a term of three years.

Frequency of Meetings
In recent years, called as needed.

Staff Liaison
Dave Kiff, City Manager

Staff Support
Minimal given that the committee has not met in recent years.

Progress Report
This committee cannot be disbanded without violating the Newport Coast Annexation Agreement, which calls for its creation and maintenance. This committee met frequently - monthly at least - in 2001, 2002, and a few years after the January 1, 2002 annexation of the Newport Coast community.  With the community center completed and operating, fairly few issues arise that require the committee to meet. Committee members remain relatively active in City issues, and very active in Newport Coast issues (typically via their Master Homeowners Associations).

Link to archived agenda and minutes.

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