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This free service allows you to set up an account that can be used for subscribing to city news and information. The account is "self-managed" meaning subscribers have complete control over making account changes and adding or deleting news and information categories. Simply create an account based upon an e-mail address and protect your information by selecting a password.

After an account is created, a confirmation is sent to the account member's e-mail address and the account holder must then officially "activate" the account using the supplied link contained in the body of the e-mail.

Subscribers can then select from a broad range of categories the type of information that they are interested in receiving. Information will be sent via the e-mail address that is provided.

category Examples

Assessment Districts Field Conditions
Boat Auctions General News
Budget Updates                Lower Bay Dredging & CAD Site
Building Division News New Billing & Payment Services
City Council Agendas Planning Commission Agendas
City Hall Hours & Closures Police Department Updates
Community Emergency Response Recreation Classes & Camps
Cultural Arts Events Water Conservation
Disaster Information           .....and more


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