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NBJG's... Respecting and Protecting Newport Beach since 1984

Official Summer Calendar (subject to change)

2014 is here!  To become a Junior Lifeguard, follow these steps.


Pre-Registration is closed for the 2014 season


Swim Testing is closed for the 2014 season

Kids must swim 100 yards in the following times (4 lengths of a 25 yard pool). You may try 5 times over the course of the 3 days.

 Age Group Division   Time Standard
 9 years old      D      1:55
 10 - 11      C      1:45
 12 - 13      B      1:40
 14 - 16      A      1:35

Additionally, all candidates must tread water for 3 minutes without touching the bottom or side of the pool.

Junior Guard age groups are based on the childs age on June 30,  2014.

2014 fees are $700 for Newport Beach residents and $853 for Non Residents. 

Newport Beach residents must prove residency with:

  • Driver License and 2 pieces of recent mail with matching address (no exceptions)


Try on dates have passed. If you didn't get a chance to try on the uniforms, you will have to guess.  We suggest looking at your childrens other clothes for reference.

You can save your sizes at our registration page


"Registration" after you've passed the swim test, and tried on your uniform will take place at exactly:

April 14 10:00 am for Resident PM session (NOW OPEN)


April 22 10:00 am for Open Registration (including non-residents)

All Registration closes April 29

It is possible to enter your uniform sizes etc... prior to these registration times for quicker checkout.

2014 fees are $700 for Newport Beach residents and $853 for Non Residents.

Click here to log into the registration page


The Program starts Monday, June 23 , 2014 and ends August 8, 2014.

AM session goes 9 am - 12 pm  on most days

PM session goes 1 pm - 4 pm on most days

Program is held Monday -Thursday with a few special optional Fridays (Monster Mile, Ironman, etc...)


Hot Dog Dinner- a beach park dinner where everyone brings a dessert and the JG Instructors cook 1700 hot dogs to feed the JG's and their family members.

Santa Barbara Fiesta- An optional Junior Guard event in Santa Barbara where any JG can compete in their favorite events and enjoy the calm waters of East Beach .  Transportation is not provided, and many familys turn this friday event into a mini vacation, spending the whole weekend in Santa Barbara!

Monster Mile - This is the "Super Bowl" of Junior Guards.  Run a mile and swim a mile, while dressed up as a monster.  Past themes have been "Wild wild west," "Year of the Dragon," "Pirates," "Aliens," etc... 2014 will be a surprise theme.

Weekly Field trips - Corona Del Mar, West Newport, Newport Pier are very common field trips for all.  

Are you thinking about doing A's but aren't sure?

The A division now meet at Lifeguard Headquarters at the Newport Pier on most days, and provide extra safety to the younger JGs on competition days. This allows them to take the next step in learning our diverse beach, ocean awareness, rescue techniques, and first aid. The A’s from the past 2 summers have really enjoyed their new role in the program as they are actually helping and mentoring the younger JG's, rather than being grouped with the younger kids. Lifeguard Headquarters is going through a remodel, which will include a brand new training center and classroom.  This will be the home of the 2014 A group!

The A Group is led by Jake Philpot and John Carpenter, who both are involved with our Basic Lifeguard Academy for Rookie Lifeguards. These 2 men have created a whole new program for the A’s (we sometimes call them the “NBJG Academy”). Last year they were able to partner up with Explorocean and got a boat ride to Catalina Island, where they kayaked, snorkeled, hiked and bonded with their friends. They also did a trip to the NAC (Newport Aquatic Center) for a day of Stand Up Paddling, and Kayaking through Newports Upper Back Bay. Mr. Philpot and Mr. Carpenter are currently setting up the same field trips, as well as a trip to the Long Beach Aquarium which will be new for 2014.
2014 is the 30th anniversary for NBJG and we look forward to having a special summer, as we are constantly looking to improve the program



All the JG Uniform Items are made by Quiksilver

John wayne

John Wayne Cancer Foundation   ... provides all JG's with sunscreen and skin cancer education! More Info


Explorocean ... Sends the A division to Catalina Island and teaches all the JG's about Ocean Literacy!



Program Objectives:
Our main objective is to provide children ages 9 to 16 with training in ocean safety. The program content consists of 50% ocean proofing, 15% physical development, 15% marine safety, 10% first aid skills, and 10% competition. To accomplish this objective, the program utilizes a classroom type environment and outside activities to stress the importance of safety while at the beach. The program will inform the Junior Lifeguard how to properly prevent injury and respond correctly in emergency situations.

The Junior Lifeguards are in the Training Division of the Fire Department. They are provided with excellent instruction under the supervision of the Lifeguard Training Captain, Lifeguard Officer, 39 Instructors, and 6 Assistant Instructors. Each instructor is a certified Ocean Lifeguard for the City of Newport.

 For more information, email

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