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Setting up the OverDrive Media Console app for the iPad/iPod Touch/iPhone

In order to get OverDrive ebooks and audio books onto your Apple iPad, iPod Touch or iPhone, you'll need to download the Overdrive Media Console from the App Store. Search for "Overdrive Media Console" and the free app will display.

Once the app has been installed on the home screen, tap the OverDrive icon to launch the software. If using the app for the first time, you will be prompted to create an Adobe ID which is required for ebooks (but NOT for audio books). You can create a free Adobe ID from your iPad/iPod/iPhone or, if you prefer, from the Adobe website on your computer.

Whether or not you choose to create an ID, you'll be taken to the OverDrive Media Console home screen. From here you can view or listen to the titles you have downloaded.

To download Overdrive titles, tap the button on the top right corner of your screen marked GET BOOKS +. You will need to tell the application where to get titles. Start by tapping "Add a Library."

From the screen asking you to supply the name of a library, city or zip code, type in "Newport Beach Public Library." On the next page, you will see four Newport Beach Public Library options. Choose the first on the list.


The next screen will display the library's OverDrive website. To save this site (so you don't have to go through this entire process each time), tap the star icon. This will save the site to your "Get Books" page within the app.

From this screen (or from "Get Books"), tap "Southern California Digital Library" and you'll be taken to the OverDrive website. For your convenience, the website will only display formats compatible with the device: EPUB and MP3 audio titles.

Search the website and locate a title. Tap the "Add to Bookbag" (if the title is unavailable, a "Place Hold" will be visible) button and on the next screen, select "Newport Beach Public Library" from the list of libraries. You will then need to enter your library card number. Tap "Checkout" and then tap "Download." You will be taken back to the application.

To view the progress of the download, tap "Get Books" and then "Downloads" (located at the bottom of the screen). You can track the progress of the downloads from this screen.

Once the download is complete, go back to your Bookshelf (tapping the button on the top right corner of the screen) and tap the book.

When you are finished with the title or it has expired, go to the home screen and swipe leftwards on the right most side of the screen. This will reveal a Delete button, which will fully remove the title from your device.

contact the library: (949) 717-3800