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#Girlboss by Sophia Amoruso

Reviewed by Courtney


 #Girlboss, an autobiography written by Sophia Amoruso, explores the idea of
entrepreneurship and the importance of a creative and open mind. Sophia Amoruso decided to write her first book to relate the story of how she created Nasty Gal, an online business that sells both vintage and new clothing. Being worth over one hundred million dollars, Nasty Gal has grown and grown since it first launched.

From the very beginning of the autobiography, Sophia makes sure the reader knows her entire story, both good and bad. She reveals that she never went to college, was always the troublemaker, and never enjoyed going to school. She used to rely on shoplifting and hitchhiking to afford her rent and get places. Basically, Nasty Gal came out of nowhere. Sophia had a multitude of jobs that paid minimum wage, one of which was at an art school. Her official title was “campus safety host”. She had so much time to check the web during her shifts that she started to look at a site called MySpace and even started looking at businesses on eBay. Sophia, being used to knowing how to negotiate and get good deals, set foot in a thrift shop after work one day. There, she found a jacket in great condition and decided to sell it on eBay for a lot more money than the price she had to pay for it. Sophia watched as people began an auction for it, demanding more and more money. She was startled by how fast the eBay customers were to find it. She was inspired by the auction and decided to find more vintage clothing to sell. Her business took off from there. Eventually, a few other eBay businesses began to compete with her and turned against her. They formed a clique and got her account deleted. Fortunately, all of Sophia’s customers were notified of her information and she still had followers on MySpace. She decided to bite the bullet and create her own website.

Nasty Gal has inspired so many young entrepreneurs to do something they are passionate about. Sophia also shares a lot of advice for future entrepreneurs. She advises them to be themselves; if she had not been herself with her business, people would have overlooked her website. From tips on owning your interview to investors and anti-fashion, Sophia gives all she can and more to help out #girlbosses. This book has been a motivator for me and a lot of other readers. Sophia is very honest to the reader and shares how she got from diving in dumpsters for bagels to running a successful business. I believe that all of the advice written in this book is truly helpful; Sophia’s tips are detailed and offer examples of the things she has experienced herself. I am very impressed by Sophia Amoruso. She undoubtedly is a role model for many; the main message she wishes to send with her readers is that hard workers are successful in whatever they do. 

#Girlboss deserves a full ten out of ten stars in my opinion. True and informative, this book blew me away. I could not be more pleased that I stumbled upon this book at the library.

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