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Twilight by Stephenie Meyer

Reviewed by Gigi


Bella Swan loves her parents, her mom who is divorced and re-married, and her dad who is divorced and un-married. Her mom’s husband is a minor league baseball player, so he is constantly moving around with the family. It started to get too much for Bella with all of her schooling and her parents being gone. She decides to move to Forks, the rainiest place in the US, Washington and live with her dad. She is moving into a new school, with a new family, friends and life. Moving from Arizona to Washington is a hard move, but at least her skin tone fits in. As she begins the day at school, she meets some nice friends, but a lunch she sees Edward Cullen and his family. According to Jessica, the school’s gossip, they are estranged from the other kids at school, with their pale skins and their beautiful complexions. Alice is the short, girl with a pixie haircut. Jasper and her are together and in Bella’s grade. Jasper is the “one that looks like he’s in pain”. Rosaline is with Emmet. Rosaline is beautiful with a goddess complex. Emmet is very strong looking, and then there is Edward. Edward is very quiet and seems to hate Bella from the second she sat down in her see in class. When he returns, she notices a difference in him. When she is leaning on her truck listening to music and studying, she doesn't notice the car coming at her, until Edward has her knocked to the ground and pushing the car away from her with ease. She begins to wonder how someone could move that fast and be that strong, until she discovers something from an old tribal story. As she uncovers the secret, she becomes put in even more danger, which Edward keeps trying to save her from.

     When I was reading this book, I noticed a few things I wanted to point out. The book is from Bella’s perspective, which keeps you wondering what Edward is thinking all the time. Edward has an ability that would cause you to wonder what he thinks about some of the topics in the story. Also, you begin to wonder, what the other Cullen’s stories are, and some of them are described, while some of them are not.

     My rating for this book would have to be a ten out of ten. I didn't really find a problem with much of the book. While it does come from a girl’s perspective, so I am a bit biased, the author wrote it in such a way that it portrayed many of the things that people Bella’s age may have been dealing with. The only thing that bugged me was that I always wanted to know what Edward was thinking, though I do hear there may or may not be a perspective of his being written into a book. If you do not enjoy anything paranormal, you will not enjoy this book. I hope you enjoy!

Check out Twilight at the Newport Beach Public Library.

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