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Mortal Enchantment by Stacey O'Neale

Reviewed by Jacqueline

 mortal enchantment 

      Kalin Matthews’ life has just been flipped upside down. She was planning all of her life to at 16 go with her mom and leave the mortal world to join her father in the elemental court in Avalon to live with him. On the day she is planning to leave, she is attacked by an assassin of the fire court, and is saved by a man named Rowan, who takes her by the hand and tells her to run. He is a handsome face that saved her life, so she doesn't know what else to do but follow him. After some explaining that he is also a member of the elementals, he brings her to the entrance to Avalon, she ends up in the elemental world, and finds out that her beloved father has turned up missing. Kailin doesn't know what to do when she also begins to hear many of the council members calling out deceit from one another. The biggest problem is that is five days, the Midwinter’s Ball, she takes over her father’s rights, as well as his duties, which she knows nothing of. Rowan is made to attempt to train Kailin in combat and mind strengthening. When news of a war between the four courts threatens the safety of her father, she must learn how to deal with war, love and new responsibilities. Will she be able to save her father in time, while keeping the four courts in order?

     After reading this book, I had a few things I wanted to point out. First, as the story goes along, you begin to love the characters. You especially love how secretive Rowan is, because it only make you want to know more of what his deal is. Second, the plot is really good at reminding you of the problems that are still there, instead of giving them to you once explaining and the second when its happening. Instead, as it looms over Kalin, it looms over you. Lastly, the romance is not what the story is about, while it is a major part of the story; you can tell from the beginning that Rowan would be an important character in the book romantically, but it doesn't just happen.

        For a rating of this book, I would give it a ten out of ten. This plot is a page turner, and it keeps the story looming on you as well as Kalin. This keeps you wanting it to be resolved for Kalin, while at the same time the story is just so good that you just want more. When this story ended I immediately wrote the author’s name down so that I would be able to find more books written by her, preferably the books in the same series. While I loved the plot, some people may not because of the mythological ideas and the elemental parts. If you do not like mythological things, then you may not like this book. I hope you enjoy!

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