Marine Animal Monitoring Log

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In partnership with the CSULB team, Newport Beach lifeguards have recently deployed three acoustic receivers at the Newport Pier, the Balboa Pier and in the swim lines off the shore of Corona del Mar. These receivers record any previously tagged marine animal, including sharks, which come within 500 yards of the receiver (depending on the animal’s transponder). 

In order to collect the recorded information, lifeguards remove the receivers from the water to download the data. Once the information is downloaded, the receivers are replaced in the water. The receivers are collected weekly (normally on Monday) during the summer months and will be collected more frequently if a known event occurs in our ocean waters. During non-peak months, the receivers will be regularly collected bi-monthly or monthly.

Following is a log of recorded detection from the acoustic receivers and/or confirmed sightings in Newport Beach's ocean waters. This information is updated as detections are documented from the acoustic receivers in our ocean waters or as confirmed sightings occur. You can view previous recordings by clicking on the "archived news" link below.

January 14 and 24, 2018 Newport Pier

On 01/14/2018 the Newport Pier acoustic receiver detected a white shark three times around 4:00pm. 
On 01/24/2018 the same shark was detected by the Newport Pier acoustic receiver two times around 11:30pm.
This shark was first tagged in Belmont Shores.
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