General Plan Update Steering Committee



The Steering Committee is intended to:

A. Ensure there is sufficient public outreach and stakeholder input regarding the update to the General Plan;

B. Provide guidance to City staff regarding the preparation of a Request for Proposal for services to update the General Plan;

C. Make recommendations to City Council regarding the selection of a consultant to assist in the update of the General Plan;

D. Provide guidance to City staff and the consultant through the "Listen and Learn" process; and

E. Make other recommendations to the City Council regarding the update of the General Plan, as necessary.

Committee Authorization

Adopted by Council Resolution No. 2019-7

Amended by Council Resolution No. 2019-20 

Progress Report

The Steering Committee will hold its third meeting on Wednesday, March 20, 2019, and will consider the request for proposals for the consulting work related to the community outreach component of the General Plan Update for release.

For More Information:

Frequency of Meetings
The Committee will meet the first and third Wednesdays of each month unless otherwise noted.

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Nancy Gardner, Chair 02-12-2019
James Carlson 03-12-2019
Catherine O'Hara 03-12-2019
Ed Selich 02-12-2019 
Debbie Stevens 02-12-2019
Larry Tucker 02-12-2019 
Paul Watkins 02-12-2019
Mayor Diane Dixon, Ex Officio Member  


 Jim Campbell Deputy Director 949-644-3210 
 Ben Zdeba
Associate Planner  949-644-3253