Grant Howald Park FAQs

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  • Are there health concerns related to the crumb rubber used in synthetic turf installation?

  • Is the project going to remove all of the existing trees on the site?

  • Is there any relationship between artificial turf and the risk of concussion?

  • The conceptual design calls out for new shade structures. Why are these needed?

  • The conceptual design shows some work at the corner of Fifth Avenue and Goldenrod Avenue. What is this area going to be used for?

  • What changes can the community expect at the playgrounds?

  • What changes will be made to the Fifth Avenue frontage?

  • What will happen to all the Memorial Trees?

  • Which Newport Beach athletic fields currently utilize synthetic turf? What benefits have the City and field users gained by converting to synthetic turf?

  • Why choose synthetic turf over natural grass?

  • Will the Community Youth Center (CYC) be upgraded as part of this project?

  • Will the tennis courts be upgraded as part of this project?

  • With the new synthetic turf field installation, we are not allowed to have food or flavored drinks on the field. Where should the teams gather before and after the games?