Concrete Street Pavement Reconstruction

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Welcome to the Concrete Street Pavement Reconstruction project web page!

The City of Newport Beach Public Works Department is currently in the final stages of the construction phase for the Concrete Street Pavement Reconstruction project. The project limits include:

  1. Anade Avenue from Bay Avenue to Edgewater Place
  2. Montero Avenue from Bay Avenue to Edgewater Place
  3. Alvarado Place from Bay Avenue to Edgewater Place
  4. 6th Street from Balboa Boulevard to Bay Avenue

The scope of work includes removing and reconstructing the concrete street pavement and sections of deteriorated concrete sidewalk, curb, gutter, and alley/driveway approaches within the project limits, installing new storm drain systems on Anade Avenue, Montero Avenue, and Alvarado Place to improve the street drainage, and constructing new landscaped parkways on Anade Avenue, Montero Avenue and Alvarado Place.

All streets included within the project limits are now substantially complete and only minor items of work remain. Remaining items of work include landscaping the new parkways on Montero Avenue and Alvarado Place with plants/shrubs (planting of all parkway trees is now complete),, installing the final pavement striping on all streets, and final project cleanup.

Landscaping (shrubs and plants) of the new parkways on Montero Avenue and Alvarado Place is scheduled for early March 2021. Following completion of the landscaping, there will be a 90-day maintenance period, during which the contractor, S&H Civilworks, will maintain and water the parkway landscaping. Once the 90-day maintenance period is completed, the contractor will no longer be responsible for the parkway maintenance and the responsibility will become that of each resident. Prior to the end of the 90-day maintenance period, the City will distribute a letter notifying residents of the exact date the maintenance period terminates so that residents are aware of when their maintenance responsibilities begin.

Should you have any questions, please feel free to contact me by phone at 949-644-3344 or email at

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