Collection Carts

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Automated and semi-automated collection service utilizes carts instead of cans or bags. These carts are equipped with wheels for easier maneuvering. CR&R provides these carts in three different sizes for trash (black lid) and recycling (blue lid). One trash cart and one recycling cart (based on the cart size recommendation map) are provided to each household. Please contact CR&R at 866-949-9694 or if you wish to order additional carts.

Using Your Carts

Place your carts at the curbside or in the alley away from any obstructions like fire hydrants, trees, or cars. The wheels and handles of the cart must face your property so that the lid can be opened from the side facing the street or collection truck.

Carts placed on the sidewalk, in the driveway, or in the parkway will not be collected. In addition, carts placed with the handles facing the street or otherwise not facing the property will not be collected.

Carts not collected will typically receive a yellow notification tag indicating why the cart was not collected and instructions for contacting CR&R to schedule a date and time for the cart to be collected.
Curbside Carts

Exchanging or Returning Carts

Carts can be exchanged for different sizes or returned if you ordered too many. It is preferable, but not required, to exchange or return carts before you use them. Please contact CR&R at 866-949-9694 or if you wish to exchange or return carts.

Cart Sizes

Trash Carts