Reading Your Meter

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MeterYour water meter is normally located within a concrete enclosure just behind the sidewalk somewhere on the front of the property or in the alley behind you home, near the property line. Upon removing the lid of the enclosure you should see the water meter. Look at the meter to find the register, which should appear similar to the picture on the right. The register has an odometer which records the usage in cubic feet (CF) of water. The numbers in white represent the usage in CCF (100 cubic feet of water) and are used by the City for billing.

If you can not locate your meter or if it looks different than the one pictured here, please call the Municipal Operations Department between 7:00am and 4:30pm for assistance. The phone number is (949) 644-3011.

A note about your water meter:

The water meter serving your address is the property of the City and lies within a public easement. Please do not construct any fixtures on, around or over the meter box, which may interfere with maintenance activities performed by City personnel. All vegetation must be controlled so that it does not intrude onto the meter box. Foreign or hazardous materials such as paint, oil or solvents, should not be placed in or around the meter box as it may contaminate your water. Should you have any concerns about the meter, valve, box or lid, please immediately contact the Municipal Operations Department at (949) 644-3011.