Contents of CEQA_REVIEW/John Wayne Airport DEIR

File Name:
 CC 5A Appendices to FEIR 617
 CC 1 Draft Resolution.pdf
 CC 10 CC Policy A-17.pdf
 CC 11 FAA letter 9-29-2014.pdf
 CC 2 2013 MOU Between County City SPON and AWG.pdf
 CC 3 Principal Terms of the Proposed Project and Alternatives.pdf
 CC 4 DEIR Responses to Comments Report.pdf
 CC 5 Draft EIR No. 617 JWA Settlement Agreement Amendment - May 2014.pdf
 CC 6 Compatibility Comparison of Alternatives with Project Objectives.pdf
 CC 7 County Resolution 14-084 CEQA Certification with Findings & MMRP.pdf
 CC 8 County Resolution # 14-088 Project Approval.pdf
 CC 9 County Planning Commission Resolution.pdf
 NOD_JWA Settlement Agreement Amendment_PA2013-219_Filed-Posted_10-16-14.pdf