Homelessness FAQ

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Below are some frequently asked questions about homelessness in Newport Beach. To learn more, visit the City's website about homelessness, attend a Homeless Task Force meeting, or volunteer with a local non-profit.

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  • What is the Coronavirus?

  • How does the Coronavirus Spread?

  • What should the community do?

  • I have more specific COVID-19 questions. What other resources are available with information?

  • Can the City require homeless people to move out of public parks, piers and other places?

  • How prevalent is homelessness?

  • Is homelessness illegal?

  • Is Newport Beach going to open a shelter?

  • What is Newport Beach doing to assist homeless people find shelter?

  • Why are some people homeless?

  • Why do so many homeless seem to reside at the bus station in Newport Center?