150 Newport Center

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Project Description

Located in the heart of Newport Beach, the proposed 150 Newport Center Poject consists of the demolition of an existing 8,500-square-foot car-wash, convenience market, and gas station to accommodate the development of a 5-story 45-unit residential condominium building with three levels of subterranean parking.

The site is 1.26 acres and is located approximately 1.4 miles east of Newport Bay. The Project site is located within an area generally bounded by Newport Center Drive to the north and Anacapa Drive to the east. Local access to the site is provided via Newport Center Drive to the north and west, Civic Center Drive to the south, and Avocado Avenue and MacArthur Boulevard to the east. Regional access to the site is provided via State Route 1 (Pacific Coast Highway), which is located 0.31 miles to the south and California State Route 73, which is located approximately 2 miles northeast of the Project site. The Project site is illustrated on the map below.

Newport Center Villas Vicinity Map


Discretionary Applications

In accordance with City Council Policy K-1 (General Plan), an amendment to the General Plan can be initiated by the Council, Commission, or property owner. In this case, the proposed Land Use Element amendment was initiated by a private property owner, and the proposed amendment is described below. Additionally, Council Policy K-1  does not establish a limit on the number of General Plan amendments that can be initiated in any timeframe. Similarly, Zoning Code Chapter 20.66 (Amendments) allows a Zoning amendment to be initiated by the Council, Commission, or property owner. As described below, the property owner is requesting a Zoning designation amendment and establishment of new zoning regulations for the property.

The proposed Project involves land use amendments to provide the legislative framework for future development of the site. Amendments to the General Plan and Zoning Code are required to change the land use designation to a Multiple Unit Residential (RM) designation and a Planned Community Development Plan (PCDP) is proposed to establish appropriate zoning regulations and development standards for the proposed 45 residential condominium units. In order to establish a planned community development plan, a waiver of the minimum site area of 10 acres of developed land has been requested. The applicant also requests an increase in the height limit to 65 feet, 6 inches with mechanical appurtenances up to 69 feet, 6 inches, as regulated by the proposed 150 Newport Center PCDP.

In addition to the land use amendments, other requested approvals are a major Site Development Review, Tentative Tract Map, and Development Agreement. Specific project design and site improvement approvals will be sought through the Site Development Review application and are regulated by the development standards and design guidelines established in the PCDP. The Tentative Tract Map establishes a 45-unit residential condominium tract and the Development Agreement provides additional public benefits (physical and/or monetary) should the Project be approved.

A detailed project description will be provided in the Draft Environmental Impact Report (EIR), which once completed, will be available in hard copy form at the City of Newport Beach Planning Division Counter and at several public libraries, as well as online.


The purpose of the PCDP is to establish appropriate zoning regulations governing land use and development of the Project site. The PCDP provides a vision for the land uses on the site, and sets the development standards and design guidelines for specific project approvals for the future Site Development Review process. The PCDP also regulates the long term operation of the developed site and coordinates the proposed use into the surrounding Newport Center community.





DRAFT ENVIRONMENTAL IMPACT REPORT (EIR): An EIR addresses the proposed legislative approvals and reasonably foreseeable environmental impacts resulting from those approvals. The City of Newport Beach is the Lead Agency for this Draft EIR. Copies of the Draft EIR and technical appendices will be made available for a 45-day public review period following the completion of the draft document from May 13, 2016 through June 27, 2016. The Draft EIR, in particular, examines the potential impacts generated by the proposed Project in relation to the following California Environmental Quality Act Checklist categories: aesthetics and visual resources, air quality, biological resources, cultural resources, geology and soils, hazards and hazardous materials, land use and planning, noise, transportation/traffic, utilities, and alternatives.  Copies of the Notice of Completion and Availability, Draft EIR, and technical appendices will be available at the City’s Community Development Department, public libraries, and through the City’s Environmental Document Download Page.



Gregg Ramirez, Senior Planner
City of Newport Beach
100 Civic Center Drive
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