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Harbor Commission Meeting

  • Date: 02/10/2021 5:00 pm - 9:00 pm  
  • Location: Zoom Meeting:


On   March   4,   2020,   Governor   Newsom   proclaimed   a   State   of   Emergency   in   California   as   a   result   of   the   threat   of   COVID-19.      On   March   12,    2020,    Governor    Newsom    issued    Executive    Order    N-25-20,    which    allows    Harbor    Commission    Members    to  attend   Harbor   Commission   meetings   by   electronic   means.   Please   be    advised    that    to    minimize    the    spread    of    COVID-19,    Harbor Commission Members may attend this meeting either electronically or telephonically.

Also,   please   be   advised   that   on   March   17,   2020,   Governor   Newsom   issued   Executive   Order   N-29-20,   which   allows   for   the     public   to   participate   in   any   meeting   of   the   Harbor    Commission    telephonically    or    by    other    electronic    means.    Given    the    health   risks   associated   with   COVID-19,   the   City   of   Newport   Beach   will   conduct   this   meeting   via   Zoom.       As   a   member   of        the public, if you would like to participate in this meeting, you can participate via the following options:

1. You can submit your questions and comments in writing for the Harbor Commission’s consideration by sending them to Carol Jacobs, Assistant City Manager, at  To give the Harbor Commission adequate    time    to    review    your    questions    and    comments,    please    submit    your    written   comments by Tuesday, February 9, 2021 at 5 p.m. All emails will be made part of the record.

2. You  can  connect   with   a   computer   by   joining   through   Zoom.   Use   the   link   below   to   register   for   the   meeting   using   a   valid email address. You will receive a confirmation email allowing you to join the meeting:

3. Or you may connect by Phone/Audio Only by calling: 669-900-9128. The meeting ID is 926 4232 9709#

Please   know   that   it   is   important   for   the   City   to   allow   public   participation   at   this   meeting.   While   the   City   does   not   expect   there  to  be  any  changes  to  the  above  process  for  participating  in  this  meeting,  if  there  is   a   change,   the   City   will   post   the   information as soon as possible to the City’s website.


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