Utilities Department

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About The Utilities Department

The Utilities Department oversees and manages the water services, wastewater (sewer), storm drain and tidal valve system, street sweeping, streetlights, and oil and gas operations for the City of Newport Beach.

The Utilities Department is committed to providing a safe reliable source of water for drinking, irrigation, commercial use, and fire protection as well as wastewater services to convey wastewater from homes and businesses for treatment and disposal. Our Utilities Department staff oversee multiple contracts providing services to the community such as street sweeping, storm drain cleaning, streetlights, oil well operations and graffiti abatement.

Mission Statement 

To provide clean, safe, and responsive utility operations and maintenance services to the community of Newport Beach.

Through a strategic combination of in-house staff and contractors, we manage the following essential services and operations: 

Administration - Provides general oversight and management of the Utilities Department's core functions

Oil and Gas - Maintains oil and natural gas production facilities through a contract operator and produces oil for sale

Storm Drains - Maintains and repairs the City's storm drain system and monitors the tide and operates tidal valves

Street Sweeping - Manages contractors that remove debris from streets, alleyways, parking lots and boardwalks

Streetlights - Maintains and repairs streetlights, parking lot lights, beach flood lights, and recreation facility lights

Wastewater - Operates, maintains, and repairs the City's wastewater (sewer) infrastructure

Water Services - Provides a safe, reliable source of water and operates, maintains, and repairs the City's water infrastructure



Report a Problem
To report any maintenance or operational issues, contact us by phone, web, smart phone or mail:

  • For inquiries related to water, wastewater, storm drains, street sweeping, streetlights and/or graffiti abatement, please contact the Utilities Department Administrative offices at 949-644-3011
  • City Website "Report a Problem" link – Online reporting and tracking
  • Smartphone – A downloadable application for your smartphone called “MYNB”
  • Mailing Address - 100 Civic Center Drive, Newport Beach, CA 92660 
  • Physical Address: