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Taghinezhadbilondy, RaminCivil Engineer - Plan Check, SeniorCommunity Development949-644-3281
Aquino, DanCivil Engineer - Plan Check, SeniorCommunity Development949-644-3292
Huang, KennethCivil Engineer - Plan Check, SeniorCommunity Development949-644-3285
Skarin, EricCivil Engineer - Plan Check, SeniorCommunity Development949-644-3270
Gutierrez, SergioCivil Engineer - Plan Check (Geo), SeniorCommunity Development949-644-3213
Liu, ZhengyangCivil Engineer - Plan CheckCommunity Development949-644-3202
Horney, DustinCivil Engineer - Plan CheckCommunity Development949-644-3277
Zhang, ZhaoCivil Engineer - Plan CheckCommunity Development949-644-3207
Shelton, MarshallBuilding Inspector, SeniorCommunity Development949-644-3267
La bare, RichardBuilding Inspector, SeniorCommunity Development949-644-3261
Lane, StevenBuilding Inspector, PrincipalCommunity Development949-644-3264
Sanchez, ChrisBuilding Inspector, PrincipalCommunity Development949-644-3266
Molina, JaimeBuilding Inspector IICommunity Development949-644-3379
Rudenick, JasonBuilding Inspector IICommunity Development949-644-3262
Tuman, WilliamBuilding Inspector IICommunity Development949-644-3272
Shelton, ChadBuilding Inspector IICommunity Development949-644-3295
Reed, DavidBuilding Inspector IICommunity Development949-644-3252
Rodriguez, ClarivelAdministrative AssistantCommunity Development949-644-3232
Schank, DeborahAdministrative AssistantCommunity Development949-644-3284
Nguyen, VickyFiscal ClerkFinance949-644-3141
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