FAQs & More Information

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1. What is short term lodging?
The City of Newport Beach defines short-term lodging as the rental of a residential unit for less than 30 consecutive days.

2. What permits are required if I want to use my property for short term lodging?
Any owner or agent renting a residential property in a R-1.5, R-2 or RM Zone for less than 30 consecutive days required to apply for a Short Term lodging Permit and a business license.

3. How do I know if a residential property can be used for short term lodging?
You can enter the address of any property in the City here to determine if the property can be used for short-term lodging. Please note that short term lodging is prohibited in all R-1 Zones.

4. Is there a limit on the number of short term lodging permits granted by the City?
Yes – the maximum number of active short term lodging permits is limited to 1,550 at any time. No new short term lodging permits are being granted by the City until the number of active permits drops below this limit. Owners wishing to obtain a short term lodging permit may add their property to the short term lodging wait list until a permit becomes available.

5. How do I apply for a short term lodging permit and business license?
The City has reached the limit on the number of available short term lodging permits. No new permits are being issued until the number of active permits is below 1,550 active permits. You may add your property to the short term lodging wait list by clicking here. A business license is not necessary until a short term lodging permit is obtained.

6. How can I add my property to the short term lodging permit wait list?
Click here for more information on the short term lodging wait list. When a permit becomes available, property owners on the wait list will be contacted in the order their submissions were received.

7. Can a short term lodging permit be transferred?
Yes, but permits are NOT automatically transferred with the sale of a property. For more information on transferring a short term lodging permit, click here.
8. Does the City have rules for short term lodging?
Yes, each short term lodging permit has a standard list of rules that must be adhered to at all times. Additionally, a permit can be conditioned to address any problems or concerns specific to the property. Click here to view short term lodging rules.

9. I live within an HOA, how does this affect me applying for a permit?
 The City’s Short Term Lodging Ordinance may be permitted for your property, however your Homeowners Associating (HOA) may prohibit.  It is up to the owner as a member of the association to review their CC&R’s and to follow up with the HOA prior to advertising or applying for licenses and permits. The City will not issue refunds on any licenses and or permits should the owners HOA not allow short term rentals.  

10. Are there taxes associated with using a property for short term lodging?
Yes, the City requires all short term lodging permit holders to pay a transient occupancy tax.  The transient occupancy tax is 10% of the lease amount.  Additional information on transient occupancy taxes can be found here.

11. Are there penalties for having short-term lodging without a permit?
Yes, Owners/Agents can be issued citations each day they use the property for short term lodging without a permit, up to $9,000 per day.

12. How do I file a complaint regarding a property used for short term lodging without a permit?
Complaints can be filed here, and you will receive a response within 24 hours.

13. Can short term lodging permits be revoked?
Yes, short term lodging permits can be revoked for serious and/or continued violations of the standard conditions of approval for the permit. The revocation process can be found here.

14. The tenants staying at a property near me are causing problems such as noise and not picking up their trash. Whom should I call?
Please submit a complaint here with as much detail as possible including pictures.  If problems are occurring at night, please call the Newport Beach Police Department at 949-644-3717 and email lodging@newportbeachca.gov

15. For questions related to permit requirements please email


Pertinent Municipal code Sections
 Uniform Transient Occupancy Tax (NBMC 3.16)
 Short term Lodging  (NBMC 5.95)
 Loud and Unreasonable Noise (NBMC 10.28)
Police Services at Large Parties, Gatherings or Events on Private Property (NBMC 10.58)
 Loud and Unruly Gatherings (NBMC 10.66)