General Plan Advisory Committee



The Advisory Committee is intended to:

A. Ensure there is sufficient input regarding the update to the City of Newport Beach General Plan ("General Plan Update");

B. Review and provide guidance to City staff and its consultant(s) on changes to the General Plan goals and/or policies as part of the update process that are deemed necessary or advisable to reflect the community's vision for the City; and

C. Make recommendations to the Steering Committee regarding changes to General Plan goals and/or policies.

Committee Authorization

Adopted by Council Resolution No. 2022-59

Progress Report

The GPAC has formed eight subcommittees to more efficiently work on each topical area or General Plan Element. Please click here to access action minutes and related materials.

For More Information:

Nicholas Acevedo 08-23-23
Dennis Baker 11-15-22
Curtis Black 11-15-22
Matthew Brady 04-25-23
James Carlson 11-15-22
Jeff Cefalia 11-15-22 
Annie Clougherty 11-15-22 
Susan DeSantis 05-09-23
Jeremy Evans 11-15-22
Arlene Greer 11-15-22
David Guder 11-15-22
Lynn Hackman 11-15-22
Laird Hayes 11-15-22
Charles Klobe 11-15-22
Ruth Kobayashi 11-15-22
Scott Laidlaw 05-09-23
Katie Love 11-15-22
Anthony Maniscalchi 11-15-22
Thomas Meng 11-15-22
Jim Mosher 11-15-22
Maxwell Pearson 11-15-22
Robert Rader 11-15-22
Harrison Rolfes 05-09-23
Nancy Scarbrough 11-15-22
Amber Snider 11-15-22
Debbie Stevens 11-15-22
Graham Wahlberg 11-15-22
Christy Walker 11-15-22
Paul Watkins 11-15-22
Lori Williams 11-15-22


 Jaime Murillo Acting Deputy Director 949-644-3209 
 Ben Zdeba Principal Planner  949-644-3253