General Plan Update Steering Committee



The Steering Committee is intended to:


A. Ensure there is sufficient public outreach and stakeholder input regarding the update to the City of Newport Beach General Plan ("General Plan Update");

B. Provide guidance to City staff regarding the scope of work and preparation of a Request for Proposal for a General Plan Update consultant;

C. Review responses to the Request for Proposal;

D. Make a recommendation to the City Council regarding the selection of a consultant to assist with the General Plan Update;

E. Provide a recommendation to the City Council on the formation and membership of a subsequent General Plan Update Advisory Committee ("Advisory Committee") that will help guide policy changes with the General Plan Update;

F. Provide oversight and direction to the Advisory Committee to ensure the overall General Plan Update process stays on task;  and

G. Make reports to the City Council, at least bi-monthly, regarding the progress of the General Plan Update.

Committee Authorization

Adopted by Council Resolution No. 2022-2

Progress Report

The Steering Committee was appointed at the April 12, 2022 City Council meeting and will hold its first meeting on Monday, July 11, 2022 at 6 p.m. in the Civic Center Community Room.

For More Information:

Philip Brown 04-12-2022
Kimberly Carter 04-12-2022
Nancy Gardner 04-12-2022


 Jaime Murillo Acting Deputy Director 949-644-3209 
 Ben Zdeba Principal Planner  949-644-3253