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Employee Corner

Mental Health Stress Management Financial Wellness Legal Resources
Student Well-being


Mental Health

Employee Assistance Program (EAP)

  • Feeling overwhelmed? Stressed? We all have those moments. Watch this short video on how to access our EAP benefit. This benefit is available 24/7.

  • For more information call 800-321-2843

  • The Holman Group Website: https://www.holmangroup.com

  • Username: CityNewport

  • Password: Newport7123

What You Feel Is Real

  • The Orange County Health Care Agency has announced a “What You Feel Is Real” campaign to raise awareness of mental health resources during COVID-19.  Specifically, the campaign directs residents to free resources available to the community and the availability of a National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) Warmline for immediate mental health support. Visit the County's site for more information.


Stress Management 


Stress Less Now, Stress Less Later

Stress is a fact of life — but too much stress can take a toll on both mind and body. The good news is you can get ahead of stress by practicing ways to find calm in the moment, and preparing for stressful situations in the future.

Tackling stress in the moment

  • Take a few deep breaths. It sounds silly, but deep breathing really can help reduce in-the-moment stress. Want to give it a go? One simple strategy is doubling the length of your exhale. For example, count out a two-second inhale, and a four-second exhale. Focus on your breathing, and take it slow and steady. You will quickly see your mind and body respond.
  • Practice some kind self-talk. When you’re stressed, it seems like even the thoughts inside your head get loud. If your inner voice is screaming, “I can’t do this!” try to think positive, calming thoughts: “It's OK to be nervous. Let me give this a go.
  • Call someone. You probably have family, friends or colleagues who you trust with your emotions. Venting to someone can help you plan how to act or gain a new perspective, or just get something off your chest.

Access more great resources at kp.org/managingstress

Financial Wellness

Benefit Financial Services Group (BFSG)

All City of Newport Beach employees are eligible for a free personalized financial planning session with a representative from BFSG. A Certified Financial Planner will meet with you to discuss your financial goals and then prepare a specific and comprehensive financial plan customized to your needs. If you're interested in this complimentary service, please see the contact information below to set a consultation. 

Remember financial planning isn't just for those approaching retirement! BFSG can provide direction on achieving your short-term and long-term financial goals. 

Financial Planning Summer Webinar Series  

 Financial Planning Winter Webinar Series  

Money Mastery Webinar Series 

This is a unique financial literacy series, meant for teenagers through mid-career. When we first envisioned the series, we thought about something parents could watch with their children. Then, in talking with friends, clients, and colleagues, we realized that many people in early to mid-life stages are also seeking similar information. With that in mind, the first two sessions are geared to those in early to mid-life stages. The last session targets those nearing or in college, or those with young children that would like a head start thinking about some of the most important decisions their children may face.

 For more Information Contact

  • Keith M. Johnson Jr. 
  • Certified Financial Planner 
  • 949-955-3203 

Financial Planning for Retirement

Check out our Retirement Plan Resources Page.

Legal Resources

Part of the MHN network includes legal resources. Check out the first video on this page to access our EAP. Once on the site, visit their Legal Center. 

  • Legal Center Resources: 
    • Will-maker and trust program 
    • Access to legal forms
    • Articles on legal topics and issues
    • Connect to a representative to get in touch with a specialist or attorney in your area  


Student Well-Being

Kaiser Permanente Resources 

Schools play a critical role in promoting the health of young people and helping them establish lifelong patterns of healthy behavior. Good health is essential for learning and retention and the development of strong cognitive abilities. Ensuring good health in students has been shown to boost attendance and educational achievement, ultimately setting students up for greater success in school and in life.

At Kaiser Permanente, they seek to use their resources, along with the resources and expertise of organizations highlighted throughout their site, to strengthen the cognitive, physical, social, and emotional development of young people and help them to be at their best. 

 Explore student well-being by topic: