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Sandra Pipken: Technology and Color (Digital Photography)

January 9, 2023 - March 5, 2023, Central Library 

 Sandra Pipken - Art at the Library

The creative process, for artist Sandra Pipken, extends far beyond the mere act of clicking a button on her camera--it is in altering the images and emotionally intensifying each captured moment through technology to create something more meaningful. Her art is meant to evoke a new sensibility by presenting a moment from different angles and aspects, reconstructed into a new composition of forms. The color of a flower expresses affection, emotion, compassion, and empathy, thereby provoking an emotional response and enabling a sense of connection through its symmetry and geometry. Every piece of artwork she creates begins with a flower, in hope of creating that which moves something from within the

Ms. Pipken’s art has been exhibited at numerous art shows throughout Southern California, such as the Beverly Hills Art Show, the 2019 and 2021 City of Laguna Beach Art-A-Fair, and the 7th Annual Waterscapes International Online Juried Art Exhibition.

Artwork copyright ©Helen Polins-Jones
All Rights Reserved


  • Janice Steele (Oil paintings): March 6 - April 28
  • Jane Shehane (Watercolors): May 1 - June 23
  • Tim Musso (Woodprints): June 26 - August 18

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