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"OC Coast Print Series" art prints by Joe Cladis

March 4 - May 3, 2019, Central Library Gallery


The Newport Beach City Arts Commission presents an exhibition of art prints depicting the Orange County Coast by artist Joe Cladis, on display at the Newport Beach Central Library gallery.

As long as he can remember, Joe Cladis has loved to draw. That love led him to Art Center College of Design in Pasadena where he majored in Advertising with a minor in Illustration. Since that time he has spent his life working in the visual arts as a fine artist, graphic designer and illustrator. Having lived in Orange County for over 35 years, Joe has come to love the uniqueness of each of it’s coastal towns and communities. This passion led him to create the OC Coast print series.

“The Orange County coast has so many iconic communities, each with their own personality and style. Capturing the essence of each one is a fun, artistic challenge for me.” - Joe

The exhibition will be on display during library operating hours, March 4 through May 3, 2019.

(Huntington Beach by Joe Cladis)


"Attitude, Simulations, and Whimsy: Artist Book as Object"

April 11 - May 11, 2019, Central Library Second Floor Exhibition Space


The Newport Beach City Arts Commission presents “Attitude, Simulations, and Whimsy: Artist Book as Object,” a special exhibit featuring the work of 22 University of California Irvine art students, at the Newport Beach Public Library in the second floor exhibition space.

As part of their curriculum, students researched the history and creative production of the artist's books at the special collections department of UCI’s Langson Library. They explored the infinite possibilities of constructing and organizing data, or in some cases, interweaving visual narratives using unusual materials, color, line, and form.  Their reinterpretations of the artist’s book take many different forms from sculpted trees to unique containers.

You are invited to attend the exhibition opening reception on Saturday, April 13, from 2 - 4 p.m. on the second floor of the Central Library.
The exhibition will be on display during library operating hours, April 11 through May 11, 2019.
(Poems by Claire Chen)


"Folded-Unfolded" by Raphaële Cohen-Bacry

May 4 - July 5, 2019, Central Library Gallery


The Newport Beach City Arts Commission presents an exhibition of acrylic and mixed media artwork by artist Raphaële Cohen-Bacry, on display at the Newport Beach Central Library gallery.

Raphaële Cohen-Bacry spent the first part of her life in Paris, where she learned from some of the best painters in France. She also took numerous printing classes and spent hours of live model sessions at la Grande Chaumière. Still developing her own craft she attended the Ecole de La Rue Blanche, a famous school of performing art in Paris, to satisfy her fascination for theater and set design. She is still passionate about performance and story-telling. It translates in her work: each piece is like a promise for a special encounter, each is an opening towards an inner experience. 

She has worked in all media and all formats, with a great interest in action painting and abstract lyricism for many years.

Two years ago Raphaële decided to stop using paint brushes. She wanted to give more room to the medium itself and maintain an innovative approach in all her work. In order to achieve this goal she has to let go of some control but yet stay in charge of the process. She has been developing very personal techniques that allow the paint and the support to get in direct contact without instrument. By a series of folding and dipping, or the use of water as a vector, she creates new interactions between the surface and the medium. For some of the pieces selected for the show, she has  been using images from auction magazines as support for her research. 

The exhibition will be on display during library operating hours, May 4 through July 5, 2019.


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To have artwork considered for an exhibition at the Central Library, download and fill out the Application for Consideration Art

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