2021 Student Art Exhibition

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2021 Student Art Exhibition (All Entries)

Updated on 09/29/2021 11:49 am

  • (age 6) "Hi! I am Shanaya and I love to draw and paint! Especially flowers from my garden and nature walks withn my mom. I am 6 years old. Thank you for this competition."
    Pre-K to 3rd Grade: 1st Place

    Bouquet of Roses by Shanaya - The Courage of Creativity, The Henri Matisse Award

  • (age 7)
    Pre-K to 3rd Grade: 2nd Place

    Pig by Xiaoyan - A Creation from The Heart, The Marc Chagall Award

  • Lilliana - One Hill, One Tree, One Sunset, One Girl. . .and One Book with a Thousand Stories to Tell
    Pre-K to 3rd Grade: 3rd Place

    One Hill, One Tree, One Sunset, One Girl, and One Book with a Thousand Stories to Tell by Lilliana - Every Child is an Artist, The Picasso Award

  • (age 9) "Luke likes watermelon and playing with friends. He enjoys drawing and painting. He also likes riding his bike and going to the beach with his friends."
    Pre-K to 3rd Grade: Honorable Mention

    Lion in the Savanna by Luke - The Claude Monet Honorable Mention Award

  • (age 11) "This piece reminds me of one of my favorite places to travel. I love how art allows me to recreate it and for others to see as well. I
    4th to 7th Grade: 1st Place

    Hawaiian Waters by Lilly - An Inner Picture of the Soul, The Edvard Munch Award

  • (age 12)
    4th to 7th Grade: 2nd Place

    Reading @ Home by Fiona - Shapes and Colors as Language, The Georgia O’Keefe Award

  • (age 12)
    4th to 7th Grade: 3rd Place

    Ichigo (Strawberry) by Misaki - By All Means, Paint! The Vincent Van Gogh Award

  • (age 11) "I
    4th to 7th Grade: Honorable Mention

    Wicked by Callie - The Gustav Klimt Honorable Mention Award

  • (age 16)
    8th to 12th Grade: 1st Place

    Metallic Nonsense by Valerie - An Artist Who Inspires Others, The Salvador Dali Award

  • (age 15) "Eleanor found comfort during the pandemic through art and youtube, expressing herself often through portrait drawings of some of her favorite youtubers. This drawing is of the popular content created by the online name of
    8th to 12th Grade: 2nd Place

    The Big Man Himself by Eleanor - Art with a Life of Its Own, The Jackson Pollock Award

  • (age 14)
    8th to 12th Grade: 3rd Place

    Dream by Siyu - Happy as Long as I Can Paint, The Frida Kahlo Award

  • (age 16) "The cables represent connection and captivation to the media while different attires show difference. Based on nomophobia and social media."
    8th to 12th Grade: Honorable Mention

    Slaves of Phones by Amelia - The Vasily Kandinsky Honorable Mention Award