Repair and Emergency Response

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Sewer Cleanout

In an effort to minimize spills or flooding, due to a blockage in your house lateral, a clean out is required on property. This cleanout is an access point for a plumber or City staff to make attempts to clear blockages in your lateral. Should you experience a blockage in your lateral,  please call 949-644-3011.

Wastewater Manhole Lid Repairs

Should you notice any problems with wastewater manhole lids, such as missing or broken lids, lids that clank when a car drives over it or water bubbling up through the holes, please immediately contact 949-644-3011 and a crew will be sent to the location.

Emergency Spill Response

On occasion, the Wastewater Division is required to provide emergency spill response to the City or neighboring areas. The main objective of the response is to first contain the debris that has or continues to spill. Next they find the source of the problem and attempt to clear the blockage. Notification to the Orange County Health Department is necessary on spills that have reached the ocean or bay water.

If you notice a sewer spill, or sewage leaking out of an area please immediately call 949-644-3011 in order to contain the area. If the spill occurs after office hours, call the City of Newport Beach Police Department at 949-644-3717.