Leak Detection and Repairs

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Leak Detection

Customer service field staff are available to provide assistance on leak detection. If you suspect that you may have a leak on property or experience a higher than normal water bill, contact the Customer Service Division at 949-644-3011 and request that a staff member come and check your water meter. Please note that City staff can only assist you on attempting to locate the problem; it may be your responsibility to fix or hire someone to make repairs. Should you want to do an initial assessment of your water service, to determine if there is a leak, follow these steps:

  1. Turn off all water, inside and outside.
  2. Read your meter.
  3. If your meter has a Flow Finder triangle it should not be moving.
    • If the Flow Finder is moving, there may be a leak.


Meter Leak Repairs

Should you notice any water running from the water meter box located either in front, behind or in some cases on the side of your home, please contact us immediately. A Water Customer Service representative will be sent to your home to ascertain the cause of the leak. They will make repairs such as replacing blown out gaskets or replacing a damaged valve or meter. If the leak is occurring on the service line from the meter to your home or business, it will be your responsibility to make repairs or hire a plumber. It is suggested that you call 949-644-3011, to request a staff member to shutoff the meter, thus avoiding any damages to the shutoff valve.