The Poop Fairy is on vacation

No Poop Fairy

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There's an old saying that a little humor goes a long way, so that is the approach the City is taking to encourage pet owners to properly dispose of pet waste. Grab it. Bag it. Toss it.

Poop Fairy is on Vacation


The Poop Fairy has put in for a long overdue vacation, which means your pet's poop will not magically disappear if you leave it behind. Cleaning up after your pet is simple to do - just follow these three steps:

  1. Grab it - Never leave home with your pet without grabbing a bag, or two.
  2. Bag it - Bend over, stretch out your hamstrings and scoop the poop with your bag.
  3. Toss it - Walk to the nearest trash receptacle and toss the bag away. 

What happens when poop is left behind?

Generally, there are only two things that are going to happen when you leave behind your pet's poop.

  1. Someone will step in it and make an even bigger mess with the potential of tracking it home.
  2. It will get washed away into the storm drain system, which leads directly to our beautiful harbor and ocean, and we don't want that to happen.

Why pick up after your pet?

Besides the obvious of being the right thing to do, it improves water quality and reduces the cycle of diseases related to fecal coliform bacteria and other virus. This is true whether you are out walking your pet or at home in your backyard. Don't leave poop behind.

When pet waste is not picked up, it doesn't fertilize the ground, this is a misconception. It remains there until it gets washed away by rain, irrigation, or tides.

  • Diseases - Poop that is left behind forms bacteria (fecal coliform bacteria) that causes many diseases such as gastroenteritis, ear infections, dysentery or hepatitis A; it harbors parasites including hookworms and tapeworms, which can become even more infectious as the poop ages; and it can host other viruses. Your family and pets can become exposed to these by swimming in contaminated water or by tracking it back into your home after being stepped in, we have all experienced this at some point. Poop is also a breeding ground for flies, which can then enter your home and potentially spreading diseases to your food and family.
  • Water Quality - The storm drain system is untreated and empties directly to the harbor and ocean. A major contributor to poor water quality is animal fecal bacteria. The City takes great pride in our local bodies of water and work hard to maintain the highest scores for water quality. And a lot of folks enjoy swimming, surfing and playing in the ocean and harbor. We're sure they would prefer clean water while enjoying these activities. 
  • It's the Law - Newport Beach Municipal Code Section 7.20 requires pet owners, and those who are controlling a pet, to have something to remove pet waste and to immediately pick up animal feces from public property or any private property belonging to others. In addition, dogs are to be registered and on a leash at all times. 
The Poop fairy is on vacation, please, pick up after your pet.

Poop happens, so be prepared

Always travel with a bag to collect your pet's poop. After you bag it, dispose of it  properly in a trash receptacle - don't leave it on the sidewalk, in the street, on your neighbors yard, or in the sand. In fact, be a good neighbor and bring a few bags in case someone along the way is caught by surprise. 

Whether you are at the beach, trail, park, or on the sidewalk, let's keep Newport Beach clean and poop free.