Beep! Beep! Traffic Advisories!

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Current Map and List of All Planned Traffic Impacts:

   Week of 06-10-2024

  Week of 06-17-2024


 The Traffic Advisory Map and List is updated every week and displays planned or expected traffic impacts from various Capital Improvement Projects. Work being done by other agencies (such as the County or a Utility company) as well as commercial and residential projects that may temporarily impede traffic are also included when the City is notified.

If you have questions about a specific traffic advisory or a construction project, please contact the name and number listed on the advisory. For general inquiries or to reach the City's Public Works Department main line, please call 949-644-3311.

NOTE: For unplanned traffic impacts, such as unexpected delays, emergency work, major accidents or traffic signal malfunctions, use one of the following to receive timely updates: