Peninsula Encroachment Removal & Restoration Project

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December 5, 2022

Peninsula Point Residents,

As you have noticed, the green-dyed hydroseed mix has been broadcast over the length of the project. The green dye will fade away shortly. The native seed mix includes two grasses and five flowering plants. For the first month, no watering will be performed; we’ll rely on marine moisture and potentially some rain. 

In early January, the City’s contractor Four Seasons will be installing some 1-gallon native plants along the sidewalks at each street end.  

Four Seasons, will be maintaining the area for the next 4 months weeding and watering as needed. After that, the City will hire another contractor to perform long-term maintenance (5 years) on the project area.

As this is State property, please do not perform any maintenance operations yourself. Please let me know if you see any maintenance needs, I will let the contractor know. The City will periodically report the restoration status to the California Coastal Commission (CCC).We expect CCC staff will perform periodic inspections.

During the 5-year restoration maintenance period, residents may walk across the hydroseeded area to establish a direct path to the beach. City requests that residents minimize placing beach furniture and other items within the fenced restoration area.  Any items placed within the restoration area by residents or visitors during the day must be removed at the end of the day to avoid City citation. (The exception is a lightweight 2-tier step riser.  Please see the October 19 post.)

Other types of encroachments such as flower pots, decorative rocks, heavy removable steps, driftwood, fencing, gates, and artificial turf blankets are not allowed and will be subject to citation and fines. 

The City appreciates your patience during construction. The hope is that by the end of the rain season, we’ll see a healthy start on the germination. As always, please feel free to contract me with any issues or concerns.

Bob Stein

Project Manager



November 8, 2022

Peninsula Point Residents,

With the vegetative and hardscape removals nearly complete, the following schedule is anticipated:

 Initial installation of fence posts  November 14-18
 Hydroseeding  November 28-30
 Plant installation  December 5-7
 Complete post and rope fencing  December 7-12
 Begin 120-day plant maintenance period  December 14


The initial installation of the fence posts will occur along the edge of the removed vegetation.  The posts are 3.5-inch diameter pressure treated round poles, with the top of posts at 42 inches above the beach. A half-inch yellow nylon rope, installed later, will drape between the posts and will be 24 inches above the beach at its lowest point.

The hydroseed mix consists of seven grass and flowering plants as pictured above. The hydroseed mix includes a safe, non-toxic green dye to assist the contractor in spreading the hydroseed evenly. Prior to hydroseeding, all resident and visitor items on the beach, e.g., steps and fencing, must be removed to avoid a city citation.

Following hydroseeding, the contractor will be installing 1-gallon sized plants along each of the sidewalks at each street end.  Five different plant species will be installed. When the planting is finished, the contractor will complete the installation of fence posts and rope.

The contractor will come out weekly, or more often, to check on plant growth and to pull weeds for a 120-day period. After that, another City contractor will be hired to maintain the area for a 5-year period.  With plant establishment and normal sand migration along the beach, it is expected that the sand underlying the hydroseeded areas will return to its natural sand coloration. Once the hydroseed germinates and establishes, the groundcover should be effective in reducing sand movement.

At the end of the 5-year plant maintenance period, City must show the California Coastal Commission that plants are successfully established over 20% of the restoration area. At that time, after consultation with residents, a decision will be made regarding removal of the post and rope fence.

During the 5-year restoration maintenance period, residents may walk across the hydroseeded area to establish a direct path to the beach. City requests that residents minimize placing beach furniture and other items within the fenced restoration area.  Any items placed within the restoration area by residents or visitors during the day must be removed at the end of the day to avoid City citation. (The exception is a lightweight 2-tier step riser.  Please see the October 19 post.)

Thank you for your patience during this project’s execution! Please email me your questions and concerns. 

Bob Stein, Project Manager


October 19, 2022

Once the vegetative and other encroachments are removed, the next project task will be to broadcast a hydroseed mix over areas where encroachments were removed. The hydroseed mix is completely safe and non-toxic and includes water, native plant seeds, nutrients, a binding matrix and a non-toxic green dye.  The dye includes UV-protection for the seed and assists the contractor in applying a uniform layer of hydroseed.

Along with the hydroseeding, the contractor will install a post and rope fence to delineate the restoration area. Per the Coastal Commission’s Consent Orders, City must maintain the restoration area for 5 years and obtain an average area of coverage of about 20 percent. 

Residents may cross the hydroseeded area to gain access to the beach and ocean; a pathway across the hydroseed to the beach is acceptable.  However, please do not picnic in the restoration area.  Blankets and beach chairs will kill the seedlings.

Residents and visitors alike may bring umbrellas, lawn chairs, coolers, blankets and play equipment and place them on beach sand outside of the restoration area that is delineated by the post and rope fence.  At the end of the day, residents and visitors must remove all items from the beach.  Other items such as rocks, stepping stone, fencing, benches, pots, and plants are never allowed on the beach. Please see Municipal Code 10.50.020.

There may be one allowable exception to the daily removal rule. City does not think the Coastal Commission will object to the use of a compact, lightweight 2-tier step riser that remains in place to step down onto the beach directly adjacent to the deck or patio.  See example below.  Wider steps or 3-tier steps aren’t allowed on the beach; those would need to be built on private property.








Please let us know if you have questions or concerns.

Bob Stein, Project Manager

Assistant City Engineer



September 29, 2022

Four Seasons has begun removing vegetation within the project areas. 

  • September 28 – October 3: Vegetative Removals from 1219 to 1514 E. Oceanfront
  • October 4 – October 10: Vegetative Removals from 1516 to 1580 E. Oceanfront (I Street)
  • October 11 – 17: Vegetative Removals from 1700 to 1758 E. Oceanfront (I Street to L Street)

The removals include removing tree stumps.  Four Seasons will also be removing other materials in the project area including stepping stones, rocks, wooden steps, pots, and irrigation and electrical lines. Please shut off water that feeds the irrigation lines that are in the project area.  

Contractor will be removing materials from these areas via F Street.  Vehicles and equipment will be hauling material along the property line from L Street to F Street.  Please keep pets away from this area during construction hours. Safe access to the beach will be maintained at each street end.

For removal adjacent to 2000 to 2171 E. Oceanfront, it is likely the contractor will transport excavated material through Channel Road Park.  The tentative schedule is:

  • October 18 – 31: Vegetative Removals from 2172 to 2100 E. Oceanfront (Jetty to M Street)
  • November 1 – 7: Vegetative Removals from 2060 to 2000 E. Oceanfront (M Street to L Street)
  • November 8 – 11: Install Jute Netting over cleared areas
  • November 14 – 18: Install Plants
  • November 21 – 23: Broadcast Hydroseed
  • November 28 – December 5: Install Post and Rope Fence
  • December 6 – April 4: 120-Day Plant Maintenance and Establishment

Check back weekly for new updates.  Please email or call project manager Bob Stein with any questions or concerns.



September 12, 2022

The City-hired contractor, Four Seasons Landscaping (Four Seasons), began work on September 6 removing hardscape encroachments near F Street. 

Beginning the week of September 12, Four Seasons will be removing trees starting near F Street and then working along the beach toward the Jetty. The tree removals will occur quickly and will be substantially complete by the end of the week. Note that once a tree is cut down, it will be cut into small pieces and then put through a chipper before trucking the material to a landfill. Chipper operation is very noisy and the Four Seasons crew wear ear-protection head muffs to protect from hearing loss. During chipper operation, City staff move well away from the chipper. If we must be near the chipper for short durations, we use disposal ear plugs.

Removal of vegetative encroachments will start on September 19. Following the vegetative removals, Four Seasons will be installing plants, broadcasting hydroseed, and then placing a post and rope fence around the newly seeded areas.

Here is the latest construction schedule forecast:

  • September 12 – 16: Tree Removals from F Street to West Jetty View Park at the end of Channel Road.
  • September 19 – 23: Vegetative Removals from 1219 to 1412 E. Oceanfront (G Street)
  • September 26 – October 7: Vegetative Removals from 1500 to 1580 E. Oceanfront (I Street)
  • October 10 – 14: Vegetative Removals from 1700 to 1758 E. Oceanfront (L Street)
  • October 17 – 21: Vegetative Removals from 2000 to 2060 E. Oceanfront (M Street)
  • October 24 – November 4: Vegetative Removals from 2100 to 2172 E. Oceanfront (Jetty)
  • November 6 – 11: Install Plants
  • November 14 – 19: Broadcast Hydroseed
  • November 21 – December 2: Install Post and Rope Fence
  • November 19 – March 19: Plant Maintenance and Establishment

For the vegetative removals, all non-native vegetation along the property line will be removed including lawns, rocks, driftwood, stepping stones, brickwork, plant containers, furniture and other objects. Irrigation lines will be cut and capped at the property line. Outdoor lighting and electrical wiring will also be removed. The width of removals along the beach varies from about 25 feet to 50 feet. The removal areas are shown in Drawing 4 and can be accessed at the City’s website:

Prior to the vegetative removals by Four Seasons, residents are asked to remove any of their items in the beach area that they wish to retain.  Please note that vehicles are not allowed on the beach without first obtaining a permit from the City. Residents are also requested to remove or secure any essential irrigation or electrical systems extending beyond the property line.    

You may have noticed red, pink and yellow flags in the encroachment areas. Those flags, placed by the City’s biologist, Tidal Influence, indicate the following:

  • Red Flags: Native plants or beach areas that will not be touched by contractor.
  • Yellow Flags: Areas where the City biologist will collect seeds from annual native plants.
  • Pink Flags: City photo monitoring points to track project progress.

Four Seasons’ working hours are between 7 a.m. and 6 p.m., Monday through Friday. Some work may occur on Saturdays depending on weather conditions. Contractor has been cautioned to prevent unnecessary noise during construction operations.     

Four Seasons’ construction equipment will gain access onto the beach from F Street or though the West Jetty View Park located at the end of Channel Road. Safe access routes for beach goers will be delineated. Contractor will have dumpsters parked at street ends. No parking signs will be posted. Four Season will be allowed to park backhoes on the beach near street end locations approved by the City.

Four Seasons will use backhoes to move the vegetation. The removed vegetation will be loaded into a haul truck accessing and leaving the beach from F Street or West Jetty View Park. Safety concerns require that no unauthorized persons be permitted within construction areas during working hours. Note that haul trucks will periodically be hauling out material along the construction area throughout the day. Please instruct children to stay clear of all construction activities to avoid the potential for injury. Pets may need to be kept indoors when there is nearby construction vehicle or equipment activity.

Residents along the beach are requested to contact City staff who will be happy to answer questions. Please notify us of any problems so that we can respond accordingly. If you have any questions, please contact:

  • Ethan Darrison, Four Seasons Landscaping Project Manager (818) 922-4046
  • Robert Silva, Chief City Inspector (949) 270-8131
  • Bob Stein, Project Manager (949) 644-3322 


August 1, 2022

The City’s project is still on track to start on September 6.  The City’s contractor, Four Seasons Landscaping, is preparing a detailed construction schedule. I’ll use that to update your regularly on the forecast construction activities.

Five residents with hardscape improvements encroaching onto the beach have elected to pay the City’s contractor to remove those encroachments. Another owner (1504/1510 E. Oceanfront) has elected to remove the hardscape encroachments with his own contractor. Prior to the work, that contractor is required to pull a City Encroachment Permit and will be subject to City requirements and inspection.

Please note: A private contractor is only allowed on the beach if he/she first obtains a City Encroachment Permit. 

One of your neighbors pointed out that Beach Bur, one of the proposed restoration plants, is a nuisance for people walking bare-foot.  Based on that observation, Beach Bur will not be planted or used in the hydroseed mix.  

Please feel free to call me with questions or observations!  The City appreciates your help!

Bob Stein, Project Manager, Public Works Department. 949-644-3322


December 21, 2021  

The City is under Consent Orders from the California Coastal Commission (CCC Consent Order), to restore beach areas adjacent to private properties from F Street to Channel Road. (Drawings 1 & 2 Regional & Vicinity Map). The City is preparing construction documents to clear the beach of invasive trees, shrubs, lawns, and other non-native plants, as well as other miscellaneous materials, like stepping stones, and then restoring the cleared beach areas with native plants and a hydroseed mix composed of native seeds. Jute netting would also be employed to stabilize the cleared areas while the plants are establishing roots.

A common concern for many property owners is the potential for increased sand movement once the beach is cleared of iceplant and other non-native vegetation. A related issue is with the clearing of trees, shrubs and other obstacles, the open space of the restored area will be attractive to trampling by the public.  

To address these concerns, the City will propose to the Coastal Commission a modification to the preliminarily approved plan as follows.

All vegetation would be removed at one time using mechanical methods over a 4- to 6-week period.  Herbicide would not be used. The cleared areas would immediately be planted and hydroseeded. (Restoration Plant Photo Gallery). The hydroseed mix includes a binder, a botanical glue used in hydroseeding, to stabilize the sand in the cleared beach areas. The City is recommending covering the hydroseeded areas with a jute netting that would biodegrade in 12 months.  Restored areas would be discretely roped off on the periphery of the restored area along with internal fencing breaks to deter trampling within the restored areas. 

The planted areas will initially receive weekly hand watering from a water tank towed by a light vehicle. Once the seed germinates and begins stabilizing the restored beach areas, watering will be less frequent.   

With Coastal Commission’s approval, the City plans to advertise the project for construction in May 2022 with the construction project award in July 2022. The removals are anticipated to initiate in September 2022 with the project restoration substantially complete within 4 months. The goal is to complete the project by January 2023.  The project would then move into a 5-year monitoring and maintenance program, which may include additional seeding, watering and removal of invasive plants. 

Prior to the contractor’s start of work, residents are requested to hand carry any furniture/objects from the site that they wish to salvage. Irrigation lines should be cut at the property line and capped off.  Please note that vehicles are never allowed onto the beach without City permit.  For those cases where there are significant hardscape improvements that need to be removed, City staff will reach out to those owners to discuss options.

This webpage will be updated periodically as new information becomes available. 

Bob Stein, Project Manager


Detailed plan information can be found in the links below:

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