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Still have questions? Call Public Works at 949-644-3311 and ask to speak with an Assessment District Engineer.
  • Undergrounding Assessments: Appearance & Aesthetics

    • What equipment will still be visible above ground?

    • What happens to the street lights once the other utility poles are removed?

    • Will I get a chance to review proposed locations of the equipment before they are cast in concrete?

  • Undergrounding Assessments: Cost & Payment Options

    • Can the assessment be paid partially in cash and partially go to bond?

    • How do I pay the assessment?

    • How much does it cost?

    • Is financial assistance available?

    • Is the assessment tax deductible?

    • What costs are included in the assessment amount?

    • What if I sell my home before the assessment is paid in full?

    • What is the 8%+/- discount?

    • What is the approximate assessment added to my property tax bill each year?

    • What is the rate of interest on the bonds?

    • What is the term of the bond financing?

  • Undergrounding Assessments: General Information

    • How is an underground utility assessment district formed?

    • What are the advantages and disadvantages of undergrounding?

    • What is an assessment?

    • What is an underground utility assessment district?

    • What is involved in utility undergrounding?

    • What is Rule 20?

  • Undergrounding Assessments: Private Conversion

    • Can the cost of the private conversion be added to my property tax bill as well?

    • What is the private conversion and what does it include?

    • What is the private conversion portion of the project?

    • What is the typical cost for the private conversion?

  • Undergrounding Assessments: The Process

    • Do I have to underground my utilities since I voted against the assessment district?

    • How long does the process take?

    • My property is held in a trust. Who should sign the petition?

    • What if I cannot sign the petition with one of the proponents present?

    • What is the step by step process?