Assessment District No. 116B

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The Assessment District is located in the Southern Portion of the City on the Balboa Peninsula in an area generally bounded by Balboa Boulevard, Neptune Avenue, 47th Street, 45th Street and Channel Road. There are 39 parcels in the Assessment District with unpaid assessments securing the Bonds. The property in the Assessment District is zoned residential and all parcels with unpaid Assessments have been developed.

Bond proceeds will primarily be used to provide financing to underground power, telephone and cable facilities in Improvement Area. The underground utility improvements will provide conversion to an upgraded utility system and will enhance neighborhood aesthetics, safety and reliability.

Schedule of Sources and Uses:

    Par Amount of Bonds $665,000
    Less Net Original Issue Discount (3,646)
    Less Underwriter's Discount (11,929)
                 Total Sources $649,425
    Improvement Fund(1) $494,809
    Costs of Issuance Fund(2) 130,045
    Interest Account(3) 1,749
    Reserve Fund 22,822
                 Total Uses $649,425

 (1) Amounts to be used to finance the construction of the Improvements.

(2) Includes costs of issuance, such as Fiscal Agent, Municipal Advisor, Bond Counsel and Disclosure Counsel fees and costs, printing costs and  other related costs for the issuance of Bonds, reimbursable expenses of the City, certain upfront design and engineering costs and the costs of the formation of the Assessment District.

(3) To fund interest on the Bonds through approximately September 2, 2019.