Real Estate Signs

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The Newport Beach Sign Code provides specific regulations on the placement, allowable number, and size of real estate signs. These regulations are intended to allow realtors to effectively market a property while preventing a proliferation of real estate signs in residential neighborhoods and ensuring signs are not placed in hazardous locations. The City’s regulations for real estate signs can be found in Newport Beach Municipal Code Section 20.42.090

Below are answers to frequently asked questions regarding the City’s real estate sign standards for residential zoning districts:

Q.     Are there restrictions on the size of real estate signs?
A.     Real estate signs are limited to 1.5 square feet (216 squares inches) and no more than 4 feet in height. Note: 216 square inches may be achieved using any length and width dimensions. 

Q.     How many real estate signs may be present at the listed property? 
A.     Only one real estate sign is allowed per lot for sale.

EXCEPTIONS: During an open house, one (1) additional sign may be placed on the lot for sale and up to three (3) additional signs may be placed off-site on private property. All signs must meet size dimension requirements.

Q.     Where may I place real estate signage? 
A.     Real estate signs can only be placed on private property. Temporary signs are not allowed on public property or rights-of-way (sidewalks, streets and center medians). The Golden Rule for real estate signs is to place the signs in a location that does NOT create a hazard to vehicle or pedestrian traffic.

Q.     May I use balloons or flags at the listed property? 
A.     No. Flags, pennants, balloons, streamers, and other attention-attracting devices are not permitted.

Q.     What if my real estate signs do not comply with City standards? 
A.     The Code Enforcement Team will likely provide a realtor with a reasonable timeframe to gain compliance. However, City staff may remove any signs that are placed on public property or create a hazard to vehicular or pedestrian traffic.

Q.     Are there different sign regulations for commercial properties?
A.     Yes, realtors are encouraged to contact the City’s Planning Division at (949) 644-3204 or visit the Newport Beach website at for additional information.

For additional questions or information regarding real estate signs, contact the Code Enforcement Division Monday through Friday at 949-644-3215.