Special Event Permit Application

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Special Event Permit

Special Event Permits

Planning to host a special event in the City of Newport Beach? If your event/activity is one of the following, it will likely require a special event permit: 
  • Outdoor concert and entertainment, public or semi-public, dance, recreation or sporting event
  • Circuses, carnivals, fairs and festivals
  • Farmer's Markets and swap meets
  • Walks, runs, athletic, bicycle and vehicle races and rides
  • Organized or sponsored vehicle and boat shows
  • Sales event outside the normal sales area of a business, such as a sidewalk and parking lot sale and other special promotions
  • Auto dealer sales events involving promotional attractions such as BBQs, tents, canopies, special signage and similar facilities
  • Fireworks display
  • Street fair, craft show on a residential or commercial right-of-way which is likely to obstruct, delay or interfere with normal flow of pedestrian or vehicular traffic
  • Car washes whereby the public is encouraged to attend
  • Outdoor amplified sound
  • Other events as described by the Newport Beach Municipal Code Section 11.03
  • Harbor activities and events

Weddings at the Beach: The City of Newport Beach allows wedding ceremonies on the beach with some restrictions. The beach may not be reserved, all beach and parking areas in Newport Beach are available on a first come first serve basis. Wedding ceremonies on the beach are restricted to groups of 50 or less people, alcohol and amplified sound are not permitted. Set-up of equipment including tables, chairs, tents, arches, etc. is not permitted. Beach areas may not be roped off or otherwise reserved, all use is subject to availability upon arrival of your group. Summer weddings are not advised as during this time of the year the beach and parking lots are extremely crowded.

Weddings at Parks: The City of Newport Beach allows some City parks to be reserved and used for wedding ceremonies. No amplified sound or alcohol are permitted. There are some restrictions on the time of the year and attendance levels that are allowed depending on the park location. Reservation of City parks requires completion of a Park Reservation Form along with an hourly reservation fee and deposit. In some cases, a Special Event Permit is also required.

For more information and park availability: Contact the City of Newport Beach Recreation & Senior Services Department at 949-644-3151.

Applications should be submitted 1-2 months before event.
Applications should be submitted 3-4 months before event.
  • One day event only
  • Less than 1,000 people
  • No road or lane closures
  • No city services needed 

Late fee applies to applications received less than 20 calendar days before event.

Applications received less than 6 calendar days before event will be denied.

  • Up to 4 consecutive days (include set-up & break down)
  • Limited City services required as determined by
    Recreation & Senior Services Department
  • 1,000 – 5,000 attendees over the course of the event
  • Event occurs on public right-of way except parks under reservation

Late fee applies to applications received less than 60 calendar days before event.

Applications received less than 21 calendar days before event will be denied. 

Applications should be submitted 6-9 months before event.
  • More than 4 consecutive days including set-up and break down
  • More than 5,000 in attendance over the course of the event
  • Traffic plans required
  • Road closures/ traffic control required
  • City services required
  • Code enforcement required to monitor sound
  • Pre event meeting required 

Late fee applies to applications received less than 120 calendar days before event.

Applications received less than 90 calendar days before event will be denied.

Applications should be submitted 6 weeks before first event.
  • Up to 20 multiple events that are similar in nature at same location in same calendar year (applies to Level 1 and
    Level 2 Permits only, with Department Director approval).

 Late fee applies to applications received less than 20 calendar days before event.

 Applications received less than 6 calendar days before event will be denied.

If Special Event requires use of a City facility or additional City permits, the event organizer is expected to pay the appropriate fees and charges as they apply to that permit / facility / area.

Resident Non-Resident Resident Non-Resident
Level 1  $510  $1010  $643  $1,292
Level 2  $1,063  $2281  $1,640  $3,272
Level 3 $3,022  $5,779  $5,096  $10,195
Bundle $3,380 (+20 events)    $616 (per event)  

A permit will be categorized in the highest level that includes one or more identifying criteria. (i.e. if event has less than 1,000 attendees but requires limited City services it will be a Level 2 Permit.) Final decision of level of permit can be appealed to the City Manager. The Appeal Fee is $1,890.


Apply for a Special Event Permit

Visit City Virtual Connect, log in or register an account, and select the RSS Special Event Permit category.



For assistance, call the City's Special Event Permit Supervisor at 949-644-3151.