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The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins

Review by Pranav

the hunger games book cover

A plot-twisting story by Suzanne Collins about a young girl and her path to greatness. Staying alive and winning would grant you popularity and wealth, but losing is not an option for Katniss and her competitors. Join Katniss, a brave girl, on her journey to winning the Hunger Games, but ultimately staying alive… This book in the Hunger Games series describes Katniss’s adventure as she makes new friends and foes. Katniss is from the Twelfth District, the worst district in Panem. The Twelfth District became the worst district in Panem after District 13 blew up and the final District remaining was 12. Better Districts had lower numbers, hence Districts one, two, and three are some of the best districts. Reaping Day is when two tributes are selected, one male, and one female to participate in the Hunger Games. Tributes are selected when slips with their names are drawn from a jar. The jar contains all of the names of the children in the district that are above 12 years old. Due to an unexpected turn, Katniss decides to volunteer as the female tribute for District 12. When Katniss volunteers as a tribute, she immediately becomes the tribute for District 12. If you volunteer for your District’s tribute, you automatically become the tribute if no one else volunteers. Katniss is later shocked to find out that she has met the male tribute before the competition. The baker’s son, Peeta had helped provide her family food, when Katniss was little. He had to do this because Katniss’s father died in a mine explosion in the District. District 12 is mainly known for its coal supply because there are several mines there. She leaves District 12 and goes on to fight the other competitors from the other districts. Katniss is scared of the tributes in District 1 because the tributes from District 1 are usually the strongest and most deadly. The Hunger Games begins when all 24 tributes rush into the wilderness to protect themselves against other tributes. They try to kill each other until there is one tribute left, who will be declared the winner of the Hunger Games. In comparison, the Hunger Games is similar to the survival of the fittest, because the strongest and smartest tribute would win. The Hunger Games series include three books that include, Hunger Games, Catching Fire, and Mockingjay. All of the books in the series are great books that have a very good flow with many interesting points in the story. I highly recommend this book to other teens because it is highly entertaining with many plot twists and nerve-wracking moments. Although there are some good parts in the book, there are also bad parts as well. The author builds up a lot of suspense throughout the book, so they keep you reading until the end. However, there are some points throughout the book when the author drags the story. This can make the reader bored, and frustrated, waiting for the author to get her point across. When all is said and done, the good moments in the Hunger Games outweigh all of the bad moments. Another book by Suzane Collins that you may be interested in is, “ The Ballet of Songbirds and Snakes.” To summarize, the Hunger Games is a book that I would recommend to readers of all ages.

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