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Bernard, ChristopherLifeguard IIFire
Bertrand, ChristopherHarbor Services WorkerHarbor Department
Biddle, JenniferAdministrative Assistant To The Assistant City ManagerCity Manager949-644-3003
Biggerstaff, DylanLifeguard IIFire
Binkerd, RobertFirefighter Paramedic 112 Hour 17.25%Fire949-644-3355
Black, PeterLibrary PageLibrary - City949-717-3850
Blackburn, MatthewLifeguard IFire
Blank, PaulHarbormasterHarbor Department949-270-8158
Blythe, CaseyFire Engineer 112 HourFire949-644-3104
Boals, JustinLifeguard IFire
Bogin, BlakeLifeguard IIFire
Bogin, JeffreyFire Engineer 112 HourFire949-644-3374
Boland, JamesFire Captain 112 HoursFire949-644-3377
Bonifay, SavannahRecreation LeaderRecreation
Book, KarenLibrary PageLibrary - City949-717-3851
Borggreve, ColeLifeguard IFire
Both, JoshuaRecreation LeaderRecreation
Boullianne, WilliamFire Engineer 112 HourFire949-644-3104
Boyd, PresleyLifeguard IFire
Boyles, JeffFire ChiefFire949-644-3101
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