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Red Rain by R.L Stine

Review by Madhavan

red rain book cover

Red Rain is an adult fiction horror novel by R.L Stine, who is the author of the Goosebumps series. So this book was interesting, to say the least, first off, the category that it is placed in is deceiving as it is not really an adult book nor is it a horror book. It is more of a suspense/thriller novel which isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but if you were looking for something that is scary, this is not it for you. It is not very cliche or boring, it is thrilling, but it isn’t like Goosebumps either. I get why this is an adult book as it is intense at times but I think it can be read by teenagers. Why did I read it, even though I am not an adult? That is because I searched up a book review (like you are reading now) for this book and they said something similar to what I said. I often do like to look at reviews before reading so I am “set up” for it. I am glad I did because I if were to start reading, going into the mindset of it being scary, I would be kind of disappointed. As a thriller book, it is decent. You would most likely enjoy this book if you are looking for a book that has good characters, a mystery, and a decent plot. It is not the best thriller in the world, but it does the job. A small synopsis of the plot is basically about this woman, Lea Sutter goes to this island and finds two boys after a hurricane hits the island and takes them back home. Later, she realizes that there is something wrong with the boys and there is a whole mystery behind it. Not the best plot in my opinion it just seems a bit generic. I will say though that I was engaged in the book and I wanted to know the mystery/suspense behind the boys and therefore it went by pretty fast. There also is not very much character development in the book, I personally don't mind if there is or isn’t, but if you do, then this might not be the best option for you. Also, I forgot to mention this part but the only reason that this is classified as an adult book is due to the language and there is a sex scene, so this is probably not good for young children, but if you are a mature teen, like me, this is not a big problem. So overall, I had high expectations for this book, due to the author, but it ended up being not too memorable. It is a good book, don't get me wrong, but it just isn’t a book I would want to read again. I would recommend people to read this if they like thrillers and are mature enough to look past the “adultness”. But I would mostly recommend this to upperclassmen in high school or college. This is also a good book if you want to get into the horror genre of novels. 

Checkout Red Rain from the Newport Beach Public Library.

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