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County Releases COVID-19 Cases By City

Today, the County of Orange began to report the number of COVID-19 cases by city. Previously, only countywide figures had been made public. As of March 27, the County is reporting there are 32 COVID-19 cases in Newport Beach.

There are several important things to keep in mind about the number of local cases. 

  1. The city-by-city figures reflect the place of residence for those who have tested positive, not necessarily where the transmission occurred.
  2. The data provided does not reflect all COVID-19 cases in a given community because testing is prioritized for those at greatest risk, or who are the most sick. Those who are asymptomatic and have mild cases may not be tested, and therefore not reflected in the data.
  3. The city-by-city numbers should not be interpreted to reflect where transmission is geographically focused or not, because COVID-19 is present in all communities in the county.

It is essential for all Orange County residents to practice social-distancing as directed by the Governor and the Orange County Health Officer regardless of case count in their city. Doing so will help to reduce the spread of infection, ease the burden on our hospital and healthcare system, and protect those most vulnerable in our county.

The County will update the number of case counts by city daily and the information can be found at

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